Wednesday morning<br />ladies have great day

Wednesday morning
ladies have great day Wow, what a great day on July 22.  We had a great turnout for luncheon – 25. Desserts were great (as usual) and provided by: Doris Heine and Sally Gilbertson.  There was a special guest today – Leone Druin – welcome and hope to have you come back again! Our drawings were won as follows:  $5 – Edith Nelson and Quarters by: Thelma Raines, Lorraine Brunick, Barb Boone, Rula Hatch, Pat Pratt, Vaneta Youngworth and Beth Silvano.  We discussed and passed sponsoring Fritz Lefler $50 for the walk she and her family do in Minnesota for a very special cause-mental health.  Have a great walk Fritz – we are all with you if only spiritually!  Golf report:  We played "Count Your Putts."  There were six golfers today.  Ramona Kellogg had 16 and Mary Lea Hennies had 17.  Bridge: two tables, high was Pat Pratt; second high Ellie Davis. Pitch: One table; Rose Mart and Judy Sullivan won two games.   Mexican Train:  three tables; Olympic medal rules. I Bronze third lowest  score: Vaneta Youngworth, Brenda Chatham,Beth Silvano. II Silver second lowest score: Vaneta, Beth, Rula Hatch. III Gold lowest score:  Thelma Raines, Barb Boone Mary Bartels. Total Score – the person who went out the most rounds. Thelma Raines, Barb Larson, and Barb Boone. Pat Steckelberg Publicity

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