WELL needs<br />transfusions

WELL needs
transfusions Most of the ladies smelled of Deet on this Wednesday evening.  The mosquitoes were out in full force tonight.  Two quotes overheard, "Instead of Bloody Mary's we needed blood transfusions," and "The little mosquito buggers sucked the blood out of the lenses of my  glasses."  Best advise of the night, "Stay short of the sand." Jennifer Steele didn't seem bothered by the bugs, she had low gross with a 43 and tied with Nikki Stammer for low net of 32. Robin Miskimins had longest putt on #17. The only birdie of the night was Audrey Ticknor on #12. She was also very proud of Old Nellie pushing a course cart that ran out of gas up the hill. After all the scores were turned in we were informed that there will be a shuffling in the standings.  Look out team Birdie Bound.

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