Anglers reminded not to transport bait, water from Missouri River below Gavins Point Dam

Anglers reminded not to transport bait, water from Missouri River below Gavins Point Dam Fishermen who like to catch their own bait from the Missouri River below Gavins Point Dam are reminded that a state regulation makes it illegal to transport that bait away from the river. The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department regulation is intended to prevent the spread of aquatic nuisance species, such as Asian carp, zebra mussels and the recently discovered Asian clam, to other South Dakota waters. The reminder was prompted by GFP staff observation of anglers who were seining for emerald shiners at Riverside Park in Yankton. The anglers were planning to use the shiners in Marindahl Lake, several miles away from the river. They said that they were unaware of the regulation. Another popular area to catch bait is at the outlet of Lake Yankton into the Missouri River, commonly known as "the bubble." Young Asian carp can be easily mistaken for baitfish, a primary reason for the regulation. While there is no regulation against it, it's just as important not to transport water away from that stretch of the river. The larval stages of zebra mussels and Asian clams are nearly invisible and can easily be transferred in bait buckets, livewells and boat-engine cooling systems. To prevent the spread of those exotic invaders, people are urged to thoroughly drain all water from boats and never dump bait or the water from bait buckets into other lakes. Ultimately, it is up to the people who fish and boat on South Dakota waters to take responsibility for preventing the spread of aquatic nuisance species. For more information on aquatic nuisance species in South Dakota and how you can help prevent their spread, visit the Aquatic Nuisance Species page of the GFP Web site at:http://www.sdgfp. info/Wildlife/AquaticNuisance/AquaticNuisanceSpecies.aspx

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