�Buy Local� during Farmers� Market Week

â�?�?Buy Localâ�?�? during Farmersâ�?�? Market Week South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Bill Even encourages state residents to take advantage of the bounty offered by farmers' markets and eat locally grown foods during the first two weeks of August. Local farmers' markets offer many benefits for producers and consumers, and Even says this is a prime time to enjoy fruits, vegetables, and other foods grown close to home. Secretary Even's challenge to buy local foods coincides with National Farmers Market Week, Aug. 2-8. Farmers' markets are a great way for consumers to visit face-to-face with the people growing their food," Secretary Even said. "Farmers have an opportunity to show off the bounty of their land, while consumers get to meet the producer firsthand and learn more about where their food comes from." To facilitate the connection, the South Dakota Department of Agriculture has developed the South Dakota Flavor™ program. The voluntary program identifies and promotes food items that are produced or processed in South Dakota. Participating producers and retailers can use the South Dakota Flavor™ logo, making it easy for shoppers to identify South Dakota products. Producers, processors, and retailers interested in participating in South Dakota Flavor™ can review program rules and apply online at www.dakotaflavor.com. Consumers looking for South Dakota products can also find a listing of all participants. South Dakota has more than 20 farmers' markets in communities across the state, and Even urges consumers to support producers who are bringing their hard work to the counter. For more information about South Dakota Flavor™ or to learn more about establishing a farmers' market in your community, contact Robert Weyrich at 1-800-228-5254 or 605-773-5436.

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