Ladies have<br />great golf day

Ladies have
great golf day Aug. 12 was another great day for golfing! There were 24 ladies at our luncheon which as usual was great! One of my favorites – baked potato our way! Thank you Taylor and Cherry Street Grille. The desserts were provided by Lorraine and Jane – great job ladies; they were great! Rose Mart won the $5 drawing and quarters were won by: Lorraine Brunick, Eileen Turner, Pat Steckelberg, Ann Stewart, Ellie Davis, Babe Hurowitz, Barb Boone and Thelma Raines. Golf report:  Today they played a new game that the golfers never played before: "Throw out your worst hole."  Of all the days for me to not be there! This would have been a great help with my score!  As usual they had a lot of fun on the course. There were six golfers and the winners were as follows: Darlene Engbrecht 51 and "she got a birdie!" Bet she did not throw that one out!  Ramona Kellogg  52 Beth Sivlano our newest golfer had a 10-foot putt. Great going Beth! Bridge report:  There were two tables – Pat Berglund had high and Ramona Kellogg had second high. Dominoes report:  Played Mexican Train. Calendar Rules were the order of the play today. There were three tables. Round I:  Most months have four weeks so player with the most #4s on score sheet won: Darlene Engbrecht and Mary Bartels. Round  II: 52 weeks in a year – the player with the score closest to 52 won.  Janet Hoff, Karon Benson and Anita White. Round III:  12 months in a year, so player with the score closest to a multiple of 12 (12, 24, 36, 48, 60, etc.) wins. Total Score:  365 days in year, score closest wins. Anges Moeckler hit the bullseye with Babe Hurowitz and Darlene Engbrecht in a close match. Well,  looks like Darlene was on a roll today with all her winnings. Great job Darlene! Come visit us Wednesday morning or at least come see how much fun in the afternoon everyone has. We will still be gathering through September.    Pat Steckelberg, reporter

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