Midwest Mixers capture Cal Ripken U-12 title

Midwest Mixers capture Cal Ripken U-12 title The Mixers faced Hy-Vee in the first round of the tourney and sent them home bagging groceries with a 10 to 6 win. Following that game they were wired to play Clay-Union Electric and shocked them with a five-run rally in the bottom of the fourth inning and finished the game winning 9-3.  The following week the mixers traveled to Yankton to play Knology on their home turf. Brett Bye's high-speed connection sent the ball over the fence with a home run in the fourth. That pulled the plug on the high tech team leaving them unable to restart their game. The final score was 7-4. Two nights later the Mixers traveled again to Yankton to play the White Socks for the league championship game. The Mixers scored two runs in the first inning and three runs in the second. The White Socks scored one run the first and where shut down three in a row in the second but knocked in four runs in the third to close the inning tied at 5-5. Speed demon, Jacob Krier, smacked the ball and slowed his pace forcing the second baseman to throw him out at first base allowing Regan Bye to score and put the Mixers up by one at the end of the fifth. The umpires earned their pay at the top of the sixth with Brandon Hertz tagging the tying run out at third. The call was appealed by the Socks coach but was ruled an out by the umpire behind the plate. The heated exchange ended with no runs for the Socks and sent them home to do their laundry with the Mixers winning the final game of the league tourney 6-5. Congratulations to all the players, parents, and coaches for a great year. Pictured (back row) Hazen Bye, Brandon Hertz, Bryce Surrell, Regan Bye, Jacob Krier, Brett Bye and Dave Hertz; (bottom row) Austin Crichton, Joe Miller, Balin Magee and Gavin Gilbertson. Not pictured Blake Gilkyson.

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