Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Plain Talk By Cleo Erickson 1924 In 1923 there were 233 births in Clay County compared with 224 in 1922.  Deaths numbered 59 in 1923, there were 74 in 1922, and in 1923 there were 72 marriage licenses issued and 8 divorces granted.  Seventeen declared their intention of becoming citizens and 13 were granted final certificates of citizenship. Published reports say that Vermillion Banks are in excellent shape.  The banks are First National with M. D. Thompson as President; Vermillion National with C. H. Barrett as President and Citizens Bank & Trust Company with M. J. Chaney as President. Planning an Auction?  Call G. R. Heckenlively, general auctioneer.  He will sell anything at any place.  Phone 511-W for dates. Forty nine cents buys a full 10 lb. pail of Karo syrup at The Variety Store. Thirty nine cents buys a nice broom at The Variety Store. Bids for the new auditorium will be opened at the office of the President on February 27, 1924.  The auditorium will cost $750,000 when complete. W. H. Over, Curator of the State University Museum is in serious condition as a result of being bitten by a rattlesnake. Mr. Over has kept for a number of years a group of live native snakes as part of the museum's history exhibit.  While handling a "ratter" with the object of removing its poison sack as he did regularly to avoid the possibility of accident, the reptile managed to get its head loose for a second and buried its fangs in Mr. Over's arm.  His condition is causing anxiety, although he is improving. The whole collection of poisonous snakes was killed after the accident. The District Superintendant of the Milwaukee Railway was in Vermillion with a new set of plans and projects that a new depot will be built in the near future have brightened considerable.  The plans provide for a concrete or a brick structure.  The main entrance will be on the north and the ticket office will be located in the central of the building.  The ladies waiting room will constitute the east portion of the building.  The men's smoking room will be just west of the ticket office, with a door leading to the baggage room.  The proposed building will be modern in every respect. The radio is becoming as popular in Meckling as elsewhere, besides the one in the Spatz home and the Steele and Orr elevator, since Christmas three have been installed in the homes of Professor Collins, Roy A. Groves and Max Brink. The Civic Council met at the Municipal room.  Mesdames Wellington, Royhl, and Halverson were appointed a committee on the Town Clock.  The street committee will meet with Miss Campbell concerning a play ground at the West Side School. The Chatter Sew Club met at Miss Richardson's home at 12 Prospect.  The social hours were spent at music and dancing.  The hostess served a two-course luncheon. A sign has been nailed on the Dalesburg school house on the west wall entitled "Standard School", evidently by authority of the state. Clay County was the first county in the state to realize the need of school buildings.  The first school house was built here 60 years ago. The first successful automobile with a speed of seven miles per hour was invented in 1894. The old fashioned dance given by the Odd Fellows at their hall was a complete success.  One hundred one numbers were sold and some 200 persons attended.  Music was furnished by different members and lunch was served. Because of the outbreak of measles in the community the Oyster supper at Pleasant Valley has been postponed. Quite a number of farmers of the Greenfield vicinity have had coats stolen from their cars or trucks in Sioux City during the past several weeks. Being literally hurled through the top of a practically new Ford sedan, as the car turned completely over twice, and escaping without any serious injuries, was the thrilling experience of Gus Dahl, Max Meisenholder and C. H. Johnson last Thursday evening.  They were on their way to Yankton to attend the Elk's meeting in Mr. Dahl's car.  It had snowed some but the roads were pretty good and they were driving the usual speed when they hit a load of gravel dumped in the center of the road about two miles east of Gayville and the car went over twice, completely wrecking it.  All three men were thrown clear and were not injured except for painful bruises.  A passerby picked them up and took them to Gayville where they were given first aid and then brought to Vermillion for medical treatment. Changes Are Made In Plans For The Depot:  Suggestions were made by a local committee to make the interior two feet wider and arrange the interior so the ladies rest room is larger.  The plans were submitted by the Chamber of Commerce.  The local committees felt the building was too small.  They suggested making the building wider and changing the entrance so as to make the ladies rest room larger and the railway company saw fit to adopt the changes proposed.  It is hoped prompt action will be taken and that the railway company will have 75 men at work here by April 1 to raise the tracks approximately three feet, thus getting them up out of the mud. At a special election in the Rockfield district, 41 voters cast a yes vote and 13 votes cast a no vote to build a new school house.  Plans are being prepared for the new 2 room school at a cost of $7,500.00.

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