Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Dakota Republican By Cleo Erickson 1923 The City Council has voted to buy a new fire truck.  The type of truck suitable to the insurance companies is a three combination truck—carrying hose, two chemical tanks, and a pump of the suction type, capable of producing water on the fire from the mains at the rate of 750 gallons per minute.  The truck has been priced to the council at $12,900.00.  After the council considered all angles of the motion favoring the purchase of a fire truck of this type, a vote by roll call was taken, the motion carrying by a majority vote, Alderman McKenzie and Brewster voting no. A second motion was offered that acting Mayor Neumayer appoint a committee of three, including a member of the council, a member of the Commercial club and one member of the fire department, to make a careful investigation of the merit of various types of engines capable of producing the required results and to report as soon as practicable.  The motion carried and appointments were made. An old file at the Press and Dakota answers a question of where Gayville got its name.  The answer was in the paper dated April 28, 1973. Gayville, so called in honor of Mr. E. Gay, the postmaster, and one of the town proprietors, is located 12 miles east of Yankton and is the first town to be reached upon entering Yankton County on the Dakota Southern Railroad". A petition was being circulated yesterday for Dr. Carl Views for Mayor.  The petition for Chas. McKenzie for Mayor was out sometime ago.  The spring election promises to be interesting as both men are amply qualified and each will make a good run. Begin spring house cleaning and see if you have books on your shelves that belong to the public library. This afternoon the Lutheran Church will conduct a devotional hour from 2:30 to 3:30 at the home of Mrs. Hedvig Christopherson at 412 Cottage Avenue.  Mrs. Christopherson is entertaining the Ladies Aid Society today and will serve a lunch from 3:30 to 6:00. John M. Anderson, one of the state accountants, is in Vermillion this week, and is checking over the books at the court house.  The annual examination of records, however, holds no terrors for the county officers, as there is no question about their books and the examination is mainly a formality. Your attention is called to the city ordinance which forbids chickens to be allowed to run at large in the city limits.  Now that the gardening season is at hand, this ordinance will be enforced, numerous complaints already have been received.  People owning chickens are hereby notified to keep them shut up.  Henry Walz, City Marshall. The citizens of Vermillion are urged to cooperate with the Boy Scouts this week in an effort to rid the city of rats.  This campaign is most commendable from a financial and health standpoint.  Every dead rat saves the city many more later and two dollars damage it would do in a year's foraging.  The campaign closes on Saturday with a public count of rat-tails in front of the Waldorf Hotel. The boys will receive their bounties and the prizes at three o'clock. The Boy's Sow Litter Club of the Burbank district will meet at the school house on Friday evening. H. W. Case, the dealer in Fine Havana and Domestic Cigars is located at 9 1/2 Main Street, in Vermillion. Get your Meat Meal from Thompson-Lewis Co.  It makes big strong healthy hogs. Dr. Carl Viers was elected Mayor of Vermillion and carried three of four wards in the city. The building boom has struck Vermillion with extreme force.  There are five new residences under construction and a large number of people are getting busy with addition and improvements on the residence property they already own. Twenty three gallons of gasoline every second or 1,380 gallons a minute night and day will be consumed in the United States during this spring and summer. Don't let the flies eat you up this summer.  See our combination screen and storm doors at Thompson Lumber Company. Ground has been broken for two new residences on the west side of South University Street.  Charley Stark is starting to build a home and a few lots further south Prof. A. L. Wilson has a cellar about ready for the foundation work to start. The city dray line is being handicapped in its work this week on account of four of its horses being sick with the flu.  The disease was caught from some grading gang horses which were stabled next door to the dray barn for a short time.  It seems to react on the horses just as it does on people.  The horses are entirely unfit to work and may be off the job for some time. Get your typewriter and carbon paper at the Dakota Republican office.  Our prices are reasonable. City officials should not be unmindful of other streets in their effort to keep the paved section looking fit and right.  A trip on some of the outlying sections of streets firmly convinced us that the paving program ought to be extended.  With the absence of the hard surfacing, the streets could be kept in possible condition with a little care and attention.  It's nothing more or less that the "rocky road to Dublin" to try and negotiate some of the thoroughfares with the city limits. Carl Viers will be inducted into official life as Mayor on Monday evening. Sheriff Orr and Chief Walz went out on a scouting expedition last Friday night on a tip that booze was circulating in certain quarters.  They rounded up 2 local citizens and brought them in on a charge of having intoxicating liquor in their possession.  They were taken before Judge Copeland where they were bound over to the circuit court under bonds of $300.00, which they furnished. Four lots in College Park Addition at the corner of Main and Linden were sold by auction and brought a total of a little less than $3,000.00. Mr. M. D. Thompson and M. L. Thompson have formed a new corporation for the purpose of dealing in real estate, mortgages, bonds, investments, and for acting as fiscal agents for individual who wish to find good and safe investments for their money.  The business will be located in the rear room of the First National Bank. The rummage sale and waffle breakfast and lunch given by the Civic Council was not as well patronized as the ladies had hoped.  However, a nice little sum was cleared to be used in the furtherance of the work of the council and they plan to repeat their efforts at another time. Dalesburg was visited by burglars again when they entered Andrew Lyckholm's men's clothing store about midnight on Saturday.  They took a large quantity of clothing mostly being khaki shirts, overalls, jackets and trousers.  Looks like about $300.00 in goods.  This is the second time in 3 months the store has been robbed.  Some of the stolen goods were found along three different roads within a mile of Dalesburg, apparently, purposely scattered to make it a three way guess as to which direction the robbers took on their get a way.  They must have had keys as they unlocked the gasoline pump, filled up their car and entered the store.  There is a $100.00 reward out leading to the capture of the robbers. Don't park your vehicle near the red painted hydrants on the principal streets as the ordinance forbidding this will be enforced.  All officers have instructions to strictly enforce the law. City Council finally buys the new big fire truck.  An American Laurence three combination truck was purchased on Monday evening for $8,500.00. Under an order of the railroad commissioners, dated Dec. 6, 1917, the Milwaukee was ordered to construct a new depot on the site at the foot of Market Street, or at its intersection with Chestnut Street, on the bottom.  It may be necessary to go to court and force them to build.  The old depot has been an eyesore for so long that it is high time for it to be replaced with a building that will be some credit to the University City. End 1923

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