Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Dakota Republican By Cleo Erickson 1923 Miss Florence Ryan was presented with a huge box of candy at the regular meeting of the Law Administration.  Miss Ryan is the only co-ed in the entire Law School and the gift was to do her honor. The gumbo road from Elk Point to the Big Sioux River Bridge at North Riverside will be graveled. More than 20 citizens of Meckling sent a request to South Dakota's Senator and Representative that they support the recently proposed plan for funding the English debt to America.  When a man or a nation is making an honest effort to meet debts the creditor should meet the debtor half way, and more than half way if the debtor is "lifting his heart out" in an attempt to be honest. The Lawton Electric Company has added a battery charging machine to the equipment of their service station. There will be a meeting of the boys at the Burbank School on February 15th, 7:30 pm, for the purpose of considering the starting of a Pig Club in the neighborhood.  All those between the ages of 10 and 18 are invited to attend.  Parents are requested to accompany the boys that they may also get an insight into club work, its organization and aims. On Monday last, certain older devotees of the arts terpsichorean were invited by the Mesdames C. W. Jolley and Young to an old fashioned dancing party at the home of the latter on High Street.  Eight couples of them were there, and no intricacy of the square dance was forgotten nor neglected through the course of a delightful evening.  We hear it whispered that no one sat out a dance, nor failed to demand an encore, each time.  An elaborate supper was served at small tables at ten o'clock. The cigarette tax, another revenue measure, also was graduated from the legislature today and approved.  This measure is not designed to discourage the use of cigarettes, but was promoted for the specific purpose of adding $350,000 to the state general fund. Mr. A. E. Lee has offered prizes amounting to five dollars to the high school pupils writing the best essay on the early history of Vermillion.  One requirement is that material for the essays must be obtained from early settlers, rather than from books or from articles previously written. After the first of July the users of cigarettes may add their quota to the state revenue.  A tax of practically two cents per box on all cigarettes will then be in force.  Each dealer is required to have a state license for the handling of cigarettes and purchase the stamps to be attached to the packages before he will be allowed to sell them. R. C. Davis expects to be the owner of the first Lincoln car in Vermillion.  He has placed an order for a Lincoln Coupe that he hopes to be driving in the near future. Representative Martin Thompson and Senator John Frieberg are at home again after a strenuous 60 day mill at Pierre, and appear to be glad it is over. Dalesburg is getting more citified and metropolitan "every day in every way".  Harlan Berg is the newsboy, supplying our residents with the proper reading matter-a la Curtis Publications-the Saturday Evening Post, the Country Gentleman & Ladies Home Journal are now regularly distributed throughout the village, and Harlan can hardly satisfy the demand. Detained plans and specifications are being prepared at this time for the new stadium to be built at the northwest corner of the campus at the corner of Dakota and Cherry streets.  Mrs. D. M. Inman has made a gift of $15,000.00 to provide 2 sections. Estimated plans are to seat 25,000 people.  Stadium notes subscribed by the students and faculty will provide for the third section.  These three sections will be built this year and other sections will be added as money comes in. That tax of two cents on each package of cigarettes will cause a lot of grumbling upon the part of smokers, net a neat little revenue for the state, and cause smokers of pipes and cigars to have a little fun at the expense of those who are devotees of the little coffin nails. A dozen members of the Civic Council met Monday evening at the Municipal rest room, in obedience to a call for discussion of the Spring White Elephant Sale.  It was decided to defer the appointment of committees, time and place until the April meeting, but each representative would be in the meantime solicit from the organization in which she held credentials an apron or any other new article which each member of the group might desire to contribute.  The call for used garments will be sounded later.  The garden committee thought it advisable that the Civic Council dispense with the parade which has been a feature of the annual clean up day. Parents Should Be Subject To Curfew Rulings, is the title of a letter to the Editor of The Dakota Republican by a Vermillion mother. "Voting on the curfew law is a good move, but it would also be a good move to have a curfew law on some of the parents.  They expect the boys and girls home at 9:30 o'clock.  The parents should also be home at that time, and not like some parents out until eleven and twelve o'clock every night.  That does not set a good example for the boys and girls that are under sixteen years of age.  When the parents are not home the boys and girls have no place to go except on the streets the same as some of the parents.  No one should be allowed to vote on a curfew law except parents who have children under the age of sixteen years."

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