Young Eagles took to the sky Saturday

Young Eagles took to the sky Saturday A large gathering of kids, brought to Harold Davidson Field Saturday morning by their parents, patiently waited for their turn to take to the skies thanks to the Young Eagles Rally at the Vermillion airport. The event was held Saturday, Aug. 8, from 9 a.m. to noon as part of Vermillion's Sesquicentennial celebration. Nine pilots in eight planes flew 131 Young Eagles in three hours. Scott Morgan, Allen, NE, flew six kids (one at a time) in his Alon Aircoupe; Jeff Jungemann, Vermillion, flew 10 kids in a Cessna 172; Tessa Clark, Watertown, flew 11 kids in a Cessna 172; Dave Howard, Watertown/Beresford, flew 15 kids in his Cessna 172; Nathan Larson, Olatha, KS, flew 16 kids in his Bonanza; Denny Martens,Vermillion, flew 17 kids in his Cessna 172; Skip Vanderhule, Yankton, flew 17 kids in his Mooney; Roger Huntley, Yankton, flew 18 kids in his Cessna 172; and Bob Grossmann, Vermillion, flew 21 kids in his Mooney. Tessa flew both Dave Howard's and Jeff Jungemann's Skyhawks.  Pilots got a workout with the crosswind as it increased during the morning and shifted to nearly a direct crosswind. After 11 a.m., giant clouds to the west were building with tops to 50,000 feet and another set with tops to 60,000 feet (Jeff got the numbers).  Fortunately, the thunderstorms moved north of Yankton and Vermillion around noon.  Nathan Larson's dad is the director of the W.H. Over Museum, and "dad" asked Denny if his son could fly Young Eagles. Nathan is a member of Olathe EAA Chapter 868, and is an air traffic controller by profession. Nathan announced that the first two kids he flew at Vermillion brought his total to 100 Young Eagles flown.  Credit for 16 Young Eagles goes to EAA Chapter 868 /Olathe, KS (Nathan Larson); six credits to EAA Chapter 291 /Sioux City/ Martin Field (Scott Morgan); 36 credits to EAA Chapter 289 /Sioux Falls/Tea (Tessa Clark, Dave Howard, and Jeff Jungemann); and 73 credits to EAA Chapter 1029 /Yankton (Bob Grossmann, Roger Huntley, Denny Martens, and Skip Vanderhule).  As you can see, this Young Eagles Rally was a multi-EAA Chapter event. The ground volunteers did an outstanding job of keeping parents, kids, and paperwork organized. Pam Hamilton checked registration forms and kept them in order. Steve Hamilton assigned kids to pilots. Marilyn Huntley, Dave Howard, Tessa Clark, and Jeff Jungemann took turns filling in pilot information on forms. Marilyn and Roger Huntley organized certificates, wall posters, wristbands, and logbook until Roger started flying kids.  Butch Becker brought his laptop computer, printer, and extension cord and printed certificates. We ran out of registration forms but Dave Howard fortunately had a supply in his hangar. Dave also provided the last bag of 50 "Fly Free" wristbands.  The ground volunteers carried a lot of weight in making this Young Eagles event a success.  Where did the kids come from?  One each from Akron, IA, Alcester, Jefferson, Elk Point, Rochester, MN, Akron, IA, and Fremont, Maskell, and Wynot, NE; two each from Eagle, Newcastle and Omaha, NE and Colombia, MO; three from  Alcester; five from Sioux Falls; six from Wakonda; eight from Yankton; and 90 from Vermillion. The wide variety of towns represented was due to a lot of families traveling to Vermillion for the 150th anniversary celebration that was going on over several days. Martens made sure the event was mentioned in posters and newspaper articles. He delivered flyers to all the fourth graders in town. The event was promoted by word of mouth, and more. Thank you pilots and ground crew for your outstanding efforts.

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