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To the editor:

David Lias rightly points out that South Dakota has a lot to lose if global climate change is not curbed ("A Disservice to South Dakota," 8-28-09). Those who are concerned about possible costs to the public from stemming climate change should be aware there is a money-saving alternative to cap and trade policy. It's called cap and dividend.

Under cap and dividend, there would still be an emissions "cap" (limit), but the permits to pollute would be auctioned, not given away for free. Most of the revenue from those auctions would be given as direct rebates to the public, to cushion families from any increased costs that might result from companies responding to the cap.

It's not too late for this approach as the Senate has yet to pass a climate bill. Cap and dividend would help protect South Dakota from climate change while safeguarding family budgets at the same time.

More information about the cap and dividend concept can be found at

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