Being ‘assessable’

To the editor:

I recently had occasion to visit our venerable Clay County Courthouse, where I was amused to read the directory legends posted near the elevator doors on each floor. It seems that in the basement of our courthouse, there exists the most amazing "Wheelchair Assessable" restroom.

Coincidently, this "Assessable" restroom is located on the same floor as the "Assessor's" office. Can there be so many wheelchairs in existence capable of assessing anything, not to single out courthouse restrooms, to warrant such a special designation? Perhaps it is expected that wheelchairs will first visit the Assessor's office to obtain the requisite training and instruction for proper restroom assessment.

Having completed an assessment of the restroom, what should a wheelchair do with this evaluation, besides the question of why any wheelchair would even care to do such a thing? Should all restrooms be assessable? It seems to me that they already are. Maybe canes, walkers and crutches should also be encouraged to assess restrooms.

I wonder if there are triplicate forms to fill out, but who would collect them, the Assessor's office? My mind reels from the possibilities. What's that you say? Oh, you meant "Wheelchair Accessible." Well then, that's something altogether different. Now I understand. Silly me. Never mind.

Stephen Williams


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