Brunick best for VHS at USD Don Baker meet

Vermillion High's cross country runners competed in a rare home event Saturday when they ran in the USD Don Baker meet. The Tanagers will be home again next Friday for the Vermillion Invitational.

Best VHS finish at the USD meet was Ashley Brunick's breaking of the tape in the 3K JV girls race in a time of 13:05.15.  Teammate Jade Fostvedt was third in 13:35.26. Tyler Bruce was third and Matt Hirsch fifth in respective times of 16:03.39 and 16:07.18 in the 4K JV boys event.

The Tanager boys had eight men in the top 25 of the 5K varsity race, led by Robert Osterberg's 14th place in 19:42.36. In the season-opening meet at Beresford Brunick was fifth and Sophie Nehlich-Arobba seventh in the girls varsity race.

Alex Card placed 25th and Jason Rasmussen 31st in the boys varsity competition. Seth Miller finished a strong third and Tyler Bruce was 12th in the boys JV race.

USD Meet Results

JV girls 3K:  Brunick first, 13:05.15. Fostvedt third, 13:35.26. Jana Bye 18th, 14:46.98. Ashley Sorenson 19th, 14:51.98. Jonna Lynch 23rd, 15;13.75. Britney Sweeney 24th, 15:50.36. Cassie Donahoe 27th, 16:11.17. Caitlin Britten 29th, 16:37.23.

JV boys 4K:  Bruce third, 16:03.39. Hirsch fifth, 16:07.18. Colin Olson 16th, 17:41.74. Lucas Iverson 19th, 18:00.70. Philip Erikson 20th, 18:03.83. Jacob Ford 23rd, 18:39.54. Mateo Piper 26th, 19:32.99. Derek Iverson 28th, 19:50.90. Joe Swanson 30th, 21:01.21.

Varsity boys 5K: Osterberg 14th, 19:42.36. Alex Card 16th, 20:08.25. Jason Rasmussen 17th, 20:28.09. Cody Merrigan 18th, 20:28.52. Nathan Ford 20th, 20:38.92. Carson Sullivan 21st, 20:50.72. Aaron Ruhaak 22nd, 21:12.76. Seth Miller 23rd, 21:14.13. Micah Rarick 26th, 22:43.81. Ryun Fischbach 27th, 23:26.15.

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