Class members reunite

The class of 1947 gathered at the Delmar and Sylvia Lynch home Aug. 8. There were 14 in attendance with eight members of the class of 1947. Pictured are Shirley (Harriman) Leikvold and Shirley (Collins) Brunick of Vermillion; Rosalyn (Westre) Stormo of Sioux Falls; Lowell (Zeke) Macy and Gene (Cecil) Harrington of Vermillion; Gloma (Hall) Kneebone of Jefferson; Barb (Lyle) Bernard of Elk Point; and Betty (Bendixen) White of Wasilla, AK. Others attending were Patty Merrigan of Palmer AK, George Kneebone, Jill Macy, Tom and Helena Rezac of Omaha, NE; and Syliva Lynch, hostess.

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