Extreme bullriding

Bull-A-Rama, hosted annually by the Coyote Country Rodeo Club in Vermillion, is described as the "Extreme Bullriding Tour." Bullrider Nick Rhault of Fargo, ND, found out just how extreme it can be at this year's event, held Saturday, Aug. 29, at the Clay County Park Rodeo Grounds west of Vermillion. He lasted only a few seconds on his bull before being launched off its back, completing a mid-air somersault and landing hard in the dirt of the rodeo ring. Adding insult to injury was the head-butting he received from the bull as he tried to get to his feet. Fortunately, the two bullfighters on duty put themselves at risk, distracting the animal so that Rhault could escape. The annual event featured open class bullriders, calf riders and mutton busters. Bull-A-Rama ended with a fireworks display by Fireworks Unlimited, and a dance with music by the Clay Creek Deaf Cowboy Band. See more photos of the event by logging on to spotted.yankton.net. (Photo by David Lias)

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