Fall makes Bob recall ‘Golden Rule Days’

Labor Day has come and gone — and that means another season has dawned. Kids are getting curvature of the spine as they head off to school again with their heavy backpacks weighing them down.

It makes me think of "School Days, School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days; Reading and Writing and 'rithmetic, taught to the tune of a hickory  Stick!"

Our teachers — Benedictine Sisters — didn't use hickory sticks but rulers, which hurt just as much when they were administered to bare hands.

We had "spell-downs" to see who was the best speller and who was left standing. I looked over and there was that girl still there! I hated her because  she was my chief rival.

The two of us were always competing. She became "My Queen in Calico" and I was her barefoot bashful beau (although shoes and sox became mandatory!)

She later left Yankton and we corresponded for awhile until she wrote me saying she was joining a religious order in California, so the correspondence stopped. I forgot about her until we met again after 27 years.  She called saying she had left the nunnery and was back in Yankton visiting Bill and Alice Lynch.

She told me she had married some years after leaving the convent. We restored our friendship then and along with her husband we became friends and spent an eventful four years in time shares with them in Vermont, Williamsburg, Virginia, Big Sky in Montana and our place at Cedar Crest Farm in Mission Hill.

They are both gone now and our getting together again was the continuation of a story that started at Sacred Heart School almost three decades ago.

© 2009 Robert F. Karolevitz

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