Good season predicted for Tanager tennis

The Lady Tanagers tennis team this fall brings back five of last season's six varsity players, the experience of whom Coach Dan Hanson hopes translates into success on the court. Fourteen girls reported to Hanson for the new season, but 10 of them are sophomores or younger, so youth is again a characteristic of Vermillion's team.

Claire Jones, playing No. 1 singles, is "an all-around great tennis player," Hanson said. Though still only a sophomore, she has played varsity tennis since seventh grade.?Lindsay Robinat, a junior at No. 2, has been hitting the ball well, according to her coach. No. 3 Kayla Munger is "a solid player who goes to everything."

Seventh-grader Kasey Nielsen has moved into the No. 4 slot in her first varsity year. Dylan Daniels goes at No. 5, and Amanda Jacobson at No. 6 for the Tanagers.

"With our experience on a varsity squad and with the youngest girls pushing them to stay on top, I think we're going to have a real good season," Hanson observed.

Almost all of Vermillion's opponents are Sioux Falls or ESD Conference schools, giving the Tanagers the best quality competition one can find. Next in line is a dual against Sioux Falls Roosevelt in Vermillion on Friday, Sept. 4.?Last week the season opened with VHS playing in a quadrangular at Yankton. The Tanagers took it on the chin from Yankton, 7-2, and lost by 9-0 counts to Rapid City Stevens and Watertown.

Scoring victories for VHS in the Yankton dual were Kayla Munger at No. 3 singles and the No. 3 doubles twosome of Dylan Daniels and Amanda Jacobson. Munger won 8-3 over her Gazelle opponent, and Daniels/Jacobson won a spirited 9-8 match.

Yankton 7, VHS 2


1. Claire Jones lost to Vanessa Rockne, 8-1.

2. Liindsay Robinat lost to Lexie Klimisch, 8-0.

3. Kayla Munger defeated Heidi Olson, 8-3.

4. Kasey Nielsen lost to Jessie Van Maanen, 8-4.

5. Dylan Daniels lost to Leslie Henderson, 8-5.

6. Amanda Jacobson lost to Britta True, 8-1.


1. Jones/Robinat lost to Rockne/ Olson, 8-2.

2. Munger/Nielsen lost to Klimisch/

Van Maanen, 8-6.

3. Daniels/Jacobson defeated Sarah Santor/Danielle Gill, 9-8 (7-1).

R.C. Stevens 9, VHS 0


1. Jones lost to Sydney Moyle, 8-3.

2. Robinat lost to Kaitlyn Wright, 8-0.

3. Munger lost to Cassie Malik, 8-2.

4. Nielsen lost to Kelly Feehan, 8-1.

5. Daniels lost to Layla Messinger, 8-0.

6. Jacobson lost to Lexie Hammerquist, 8-0.


1. Jones/Robinat lost to Moyle/

Wright, 8-1.

2. Munger/Nielsen lost to Malik/

Feehan, 8-0.

3. Daniels/Jacobson lost to Messinger/Hammerquist, 8-1. 

Watertown 9, VHS 0


1. Jones lost to Shealyn Bakke, 8-1.

2. Robinat lost to Morgan DeLange, 8-0.

3. Munger lost to Lori Foltz, 8-1.?

4. Nielsen lost to Krista Schoenefeld, 8-1.

5. Daniels lost to Kirsten Titze, 8-0.

6. Jacobson lost to Mariah Hericks, 8-0.


1. Jones/Robinat lost to Bakke/DeLange, 8-0.

2. Munger/Nielsen lost to Foltz/Schoenefeld, 8-4.

3. Daniels/Jacobson lost to Titze/Hericks, 8-0.

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