Martha Louise Wortham

Martha Louise Wortham (nee Moore) was born on June 22, 1939 to Rosemary S. (Mimi) Moore and James E. Beauchamp Moore of Sarasota, FL. She was the namesake of Louise Dameron (Grammy) of Cincinnati, OH, and the granddaughter of James E. Moore, the Bradenton archeologist.

She is survived by her husband, Joseph S. Wortham; her three children, Donald W. Wortham, Wendy K. Wortham, and Gregg S. Wortham; two daughters-in-law, Molly A. Wortham and Lizabeth D. Wortham; and six grandchildren, William B. Wortham, Caroline R. Wortham, Samuel T. Stanley, Owen J. Stanley, Aaron D. Blake, and Daniel W. Blake.

Raised in Sarasota, Martha was called "Muffin" as a child; worked as a lifeguard on Siesta Key; picked tobacco in Connecticut; met and married Joe in Tallahassee, FL.  She stayed at home in Annandale, VA when it was the thing to do for military wives and the wives of young professionals to nurture their small children.

She endured winters in New Jersey; worked on the family farms in Florida and in west Tennessee; served as an executive secretary in Memphis. Restored the gracious stature of one of Eutaw Place's marble stepped row houses to its place in one of Baltimore's grand neighborhoods. 

In Vermillion, she lovingly returned the historic home of E. H. Wiley to its original character befitting the state's foremost publisher and found time to craft award-winning quilts when not at the bridge table. She believed in good manners, appreciated a suspenseful spy novel, stuck by the old Prayer Book, knew her way around a crossword puzzle, and always supported her husband and children in their pursuits.

Martha never lost her love for Florida, and returned with Joe in 1998. She passed away in Lakeland on Aug. 7, 2009.

Like fragrant rose petals sprinkled along the way, friends will remember how life was made better by this smiling lady. Her family hold her in loving memory now and always.

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