Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

The Texaco station at the west end of Main Street was robbed of $70.00 on Tuesday night.  T. Lass, in charge of the station found a window broken on the west side of the building.  Mr. Lass was instrumental in saving $90.00 that he carried home the night before.  He said he had a premonition that the money would be gone in the morning as he observed a man driving up and down the road a number of times watching the attendants at the station.  Sheriff Partridge said the robbery was the work of home "talent".
The City Council has approved specifications for a bath house in Prentis Park.  The plans were returned to the Omaha firm and will be incorporated in the final draft of the pool.  It is hoped to have it complete by the middle of August.

The J. C. Penny store plans to open in the Masonic Temple building about the middle of August.

Eleven big days of Revival will be held at the Full Gospel Tabernacle at Meckling.  Old fashioned salvation will be preached.

There has been no word heard from the river men who sought to raise the sunken cargo.  Actual operations have not as yet begun but according to reliable dispatches the two partners who are seeking the treasure have enlisted the aid of two Nebraska engineers who have offered to survey the location and attempt to learn if any cargo ever sunk at the spot.  The activities of the treasure hunters are confined to a spot some distance below Burbank between there and Elk Point.  River men bear truth to the story that in the spring of 1858 the good ship "Kate Sweeney" settled to rest on the sandy bottoms of the "

Big Muddy" and forever has remained a mystery to river men.  Vermillion residents are waiting in eager expectancy for the actual work to begin.  Such lure of wealth is too great a fancy to be overlooked. 
The City Council gave the final okeh on the plans for the swimming pool and bids will be opened on August 20th.

Nearly all of Plum Street from Cherry Street to Main Street has been completed.  When this stretch is completed the company will move and pave the alley at the rear of the Baptist Church.

Roasting ears are early this year.  They were grown in the ordinary corn field at the Samuelson Brothers farm in Riverside Township.

A gate with a lock has been placed at the city dump.  A key may be had at the office of the city auditor for a deposit of 50 cents which will be returned when the key is returned.  Anyone caught dumping garbage in front of the gate or over the fence or cutting the lock will be subject to a fine.  Areas have been marked where garbage and cans may be dumped.

The City Theatre was closed last Monday and will remain closed the next few weeks while the interior undergoes remodeling.  It is believe that local theatre goers will not recognize the place when completed.
Only three bids were received for the construction of the swimming pool and all three were rejected by the City Council.  The lowest bidder was for $22,480.00 and Anton Rostad of Vermillion had the highest bid of $25,985.00.  After considerable discussion, following the rejection of the bids, the council adjourned without taking any further definite steps in the matter.

The Vermillion banks have adopted a service charge.

Mr. & Mrs. George Scott and son Royal, motored to Fordyce, Nebraska where they spent the day visiting with friends, returning home in the evening.
Old folks whose day called forth the tunes of the fascinating minuet, the graceful waltz and the slow polkas and drills, will be enabled to enjoy the music of the past day at the old time dance at the Legion bowery at the Clay County Fair Grounds tonight.  The Jolly Six Orchestra has been engaged to play and regular "gosh darn" tunes of the old barn raising, quilting days of 50 years ago will again hold sway.  Several hundred persons are expected at the dance.

Confirmation has been made of the story that coyotes have been getting the fine chickens of various owners in the residence districts of the city, particularly in the vicinity of Forest avenue, when the Kirby pack of hounds killed one coyote, at least, out of several they chased up in the neighborhood in question last Friday night.

The carcass of the one coyote was found after the dogs had killed the animal back of the Fritz Lass home.  It is believe that the dogs ran other coyotes down across the Missouri river r bottom lands and in all probability have rid the city of its unusual visitors.

City Father's have voted to purchase a motorcycle for the police department.  Vermillion's police department will now be motorized.  The machine will be an up-to-date, speedy affair and will be used to run down speeders, traffic violators and law breakers.  The council has not decided yet who will operate the machine.

A new eat shop has been opened this week.  "The Varsity" is Vermillion's latest and one of the most up-to-date confectionery stores and cafes to open in Vermillion.  The new store occupies the west half of the old Michel building on East Main Street.  A dancing floor and booths composes one part of the shop and a fountain and serving room compose a second addition.  It will be under the management of Fred Sims, a former "U" student.
J. C. Penny Company will open 53 new stores in 1929 making the total number of stores 1,075.

W. M. Mellberg, manager of the grocery dept at the Meisenholder store had the weird experience of picking up a tarantula which had secreted itself into a stalk of bananas.  The tropical reptile had successfully completed a journey of several thousand miles in a steamship, refrigerator car and delivery truck to the Meisenholder store.  University authorities conducted an investigation and reported that the creature was non-poisonous.  Authorities at the University plan to stuff the tropical creature.

The Sheriff destroyed the liquor that had been stored in the sheriff's liquor vault upon order of the court.

Vermillion moved one step forward this week when a committee of American Legion members was appointed to investigate the possibilities of obtaining a site for an aviation and flying field near here.

William Bliss has been appointed the new cycle cop.  The powerful and flashy new motorcycle arrived here last week and the Vermillion police have started an active drive against traffic violators in Vermillion.

The airport site has been chosen on the M. B. West property one mile east of town on the Sioux City road.  Preparation of the property will begin immediately and will be equipped with a "wind direction sleeve" and the regulation white circle landing marker.  A huge "Vermillion" sign will be painted on the roof of the new armory as a landing mark for visitors.  Speedy preparations for the new Vermillion flying field are being made to have the field available for planes coming to the Dakota Day celebration.
"Handy Andy" suffered severe body bruises when he was injured in an automobile mishap.  The well known resident was struck by a car Monday night during a heavy rainfall.  He was taken to a physician's office for treatment.  (Photos of Handy Andy may be seen in the book, "From the River Valley to the Rising Bluffs".

Star Prairie folks say the folks are all wrong who suggested that the culprits who entered the McKellar home on Dakota Day without an invitation were boys from the Star Prairie area.  Please, there are no boys out in that area who act that way.

Two truckers paid $5.00 each in fines for exceeding the speed limit while driving through the city.  The law specifies that no truck shall be driven over 10 miles per hour.  Fast driving of the trucks over the pavement of the city shakes the concrete and is harmful to the streets.  Two paid fines of $4.00 when arrested for not stopping at the boulevard stop signs.

Two tablespoons of Karo syrup in a glass of milk doubles its food value.  If your child is underweight Karo syrup is one of the outstanding energy for children.  It contains almost twice the energy value of eggs, and lean meat.  "Advertisement by Karo Syrup"

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