Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson


Several cases of measles among the pupils of Austin School have broken out and the public health officer has recommended the program advertised for tomorrow evening be postponed indefinitely.

Trade in your tires for Good Year Balloons at Lon's Tire Shop.  The Super Service Store.

A DOUBLE HEADER:  Vermillion Fire Department's Annual Ball—Two Dances—Two Halls—One ticket admits to both Old Time Dance at the IOOF Hall, Music by Jolly-Six Orchestra—New Time Dance at K C Hall—Music by Al Looses' 6 piece Orchestra.  Dancing starts at 8 o'clock sharp.

The J. C. Penny Company will open a store here.  They have entered into a lease with the Masonic Lodge for a period of 10 years.  The rental fee will be the same per month the first 5 years.  At the end of 5 years the rent will increase $25.00 per month for the last five years.  Vermillion welcomes the new store.

A petition is being circulated providing for paving of Kidder Street and several of the alleys in the business section of Vermillion.

By unanimous vote the water rate to residence properties in the city was reduced from a minimum of $1.00 for 333 cubic feet to a minimum of $1.00 for 666 cubic feet, thus cutting the minimum rate squarely in two.  This action is taken to encourage the beautifying of lawns and yards in the city.

The Strollers and Sigma Delta Chi presents "Just Imagine", a Big Time Musical Revue.  There will be special scenery, gorgeous costumes and continued entertainment between acts.  The first 15 rows at the University auditorium are reserved at $1.00.  All other seats are .75 cents.  The show goes on Wednesday May 9.

Chief of Police Henry Walz is collecting dog taxes these days.  If you own a dog, the advisable thing to do is to see Henry and pay the tax.

Music for the Old Time Dance at the Fair Grounds will be furnished by the Jolly-Six Orchestra.

The most famous picture ever taken in Vermillion sold all over the country.  Mr. W. H. Lawton, local hotel man and photographer has the distinction of having snapped the most remarkable picture ever taken in Vermilion.  In 1909 Mr. Lawton had a photography gallery near the city water tower and tank.  The supports gave way, the tank crashed downward, but before it reached the earth, Mr. Lawton had a picture of it.

In relating his experience he says that he ran as hard as he could toward the falling tank, snapped the picture and ran a hard as he could the other way.  Fortunately, it fell almost straight down.  It missed him with the result that his nerve and watchfulness were rewarded by a picture which has been copyrighted.  Hundreds of copies were sold throughout the United States.  Mr. Lawton was a quiet and unassuming man but was a talking, walking history of Vermillion from the early days.

Meisenholder's have included numerous special values for those who will shop at the big store.  Spring coats from $10.95 to $24.95.  Stamped pillow cases, hemstitched, 89 cents per pair.  Ladies colored hankies, 10 cents each.  Men's work shirts, 58 cents each.  Crystal glass tumblers, 8 for 29 cents.  Lard, 2 lbs. for 31 cents.  Oleo margarine, 21 cents per lb.

Coming Friday, May 18 to the big tent at First National Bank is "Ole the Cowboy Swede".  This is a powerful western play.  Doors open at 7:30 pm.

1000 families read the Plain Talk each week.

Bread and butter sandwiches with fairly thick slices of cheese between can be toasted and are known as toaster-cheese sandwiches.  They may also be browned in a pan in which bacon has been fried.

VHS will graduate 69 seniors which is one of the largest classes to date.  174 will receive degrees at USD.  Two Vermillion residents, Royal Scott and Leroy Blair will receive degrees from the College of Engineering.

The corner stone for the new Congregational Church at the corner of Main and Harvard will be laid with other fitting ceremonies on Sunday June 9, 1928.  The stone will be put in place by C. E. Prentis, a charter member of the local church.  It is expected, according to Rev. Sharpe, that the church will be of colonial design and will be completed and ready for occupancy by Nov. 1, 1928.

Miss Ruth Bergman, Assistant Librarian at USD will be taking an 8 week course in library work at the University of Illinois.

Have your permanent wave done at the Vermillion Beauty Shop.  We give free finger wave service for four months.  Phone 64.

In July the post office will close at 6:00 o'clock instead of 6:30.  The change will be effective throughout the summer months.

A swarm of bees settled in the middle of Main and Center Streets and brought traffic to a standstill.  Andrew Meleen a Vermillion apiarist braved the dangers and held up a maple branch.  The bees settled on the branch, but Mr. Meleen was forced to place the branch on the pavement due to the excessive weight.  The bees were later placed in a hive and settled down to make it their summer home.

The City Council has voted to revise and revamp nearly 200 laws, some dating back to the charter, and will be revised and brought up to date.

Several hundred persons are expected to attend the Swedish fete on Friday at Dalesburg.  A baseball game is scheduled at 4:00 pm. After the principal address at 2:00 pm by Rev. O. T. Erikson of Minneapolis.  At 4:30 pm., the ladies of the church will serve a chicken dinner.  In the evening the Garfield community band will present a concert.

A Burbank truck driver elected to spend 4 days in jail, when fined $5.00 on a charge of making a left hand turn in the middle of the block on Monday.

It will be a noisy celebration in Vermillion on the 4th of July.  It will be a zipp, bang, wow sort of a day.

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