Sesquicentennial Highlights


The 1928 Chevrolets have many new features including an extended wheel base, greater speed and power, four wheel brakes, longer roomier bodies, new Duco colors, thermostat cooling, shock absorbing springs, motor enclosure, and indirectly lighted instrument panel and other advantages built in as a result of lessons learned through 13 years of constant progress.  It is the bigger and better Chevrolet.

A ten year old run-away boy was apprehended and returned to his home in Madison, SD after his arrival in the city on the Sioux Falls bus, by local authorities.  Shortly before the departure of the afternoon train, the little fellow showed up at the depot and produced $6.50 and asked for a ticket to Dallas, Texas.  After getting the story straightened out with the boy's father, Chief Walz took charge and took the lad home with him for supper, after which he attended the basketball game between the Madison High School boys and the Vermilion team.  The Madison aggregation took charge of the boy and it is presumed turned him over safely to his father on their arrival home in Madison.  By the way, VHS defeated Madison 13-11.

The novelty of picture shows on Sunday nights in Vermillion will be presented on Sunday evening.

The Methodists will build their new church on the site just north of the old church that was badly damaged by fire several weeks ago.  The old church was on the corner of Main and Dakota streets.

Garfield residents, Mr. & Mrs. P. H. Peterson, report the loss of about 50 pure bred White Plymouth Rock chickens.  Someone stole them while the Peterson's were in town shopping. The thief was particular in his choice as he chooses the choice pure breeds.  There is no definite clue as to who the thief might be.

The Burbank Thimble Club held its annual party Thursday night.  Six games of 500 were played at 10 tables.  Mrs. Feltis won high score for the ladies and received a pair of candles and holders.  Wallace Cusick won a smoking set for the high score for the men.  Mrs. Ben Kyte was winner of the low score and received an egg beater.  Ed Manning walked off with a carpet beater for low men's score.  A great deal of fun was enjoyed in giving out the prizes.  After the card game, dancing took up the rest of the evening.  At 12:30 lunch was served by the hostess.

For 20 cents per lb. You can enjoy your Sunday dinner from this choice of meats:  Pork Loin, Fresh Ham, Pork Chops, Fresh Side Pork, Homemade Link Sausage.  Other specials are:  Dozen grapefruit 62cents, 2 dozen oranges for 49 cents, Tomatoes and corn, 3 cans for 34 cents, New Crop English Walnuts, 2 lbs. for 33 cents, Hershey's chocolate or cocoa, half lb. 17 cents, George's Cod Fish, 1 lb. Box 28 cents.  Call for delivery at the Vermillion Mercantile, 9 Main Street or Phone 109.  First delivery leaves at 7:30 am.

The City Council authorized the streets and alley committee to re-gravel the road from the foot of Chandler Hill to and around the depot.  If not taken care of immediately, money spent previously would be wasted.  Five thousand dollars was transferred from the light fund to the water sinking fund.  The Finance committee was authorized to have money of the city in different funds, where circumstances permit, deposited at interest in the different banks of the city.  The council adjourned after routine matters and allowance of bills had been attended to.

Several autoists, including women drivers, have been arrested during the past week, for failure to observe the stop signs.  In each instance the defendants plead guilty and were fined $2.00 for disobedience to the law.  All those fined had violated the law on more than one occasion.

Six benches and three tables will be given to Prentis Park by the Civic Council.  The boy's high school manual training classes will make the benches to be placed in the park in the early spring.

Go to the movies this week and see Douglas Fairbanks in "Gaucho" on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights.  Mary Pickford stars in "My Best Girl"on Sunday and Monday.

If Mrs. E. E. Everett presents this program from the paper at the box office, she will receive free admission to any of the above programs.  Watch for your name in the next program.

Elmore's Furniture has moved one door west of where they have been doing business for the past 33 years, and will hold open house on Saturday, Feb. 11th.  A useful present will be given every lady who visits the store on that day.

A tool shower was held for Mr. Grace at the Simonson home, with Edwin Harrington and Bert Simonson acting as hosts to the men and boys of the community.  A shower of farm tools and a splendid assortment of useful articles were given to help in the work of the farm Mr. Grace is doing this year.  A mock wedding and musical selections, including vocal and instrumental music was the entertainment of the evening.  A lunch of sandwiches, salad, pie and coffee was served.  Mr. Grace and Miss Steigelmeyer will be married soon,

More than 700 ladies accepted J. C F. Elmore's invitation to visit his store opening day.  He gave away several kinds of kitchen knives, pie and cake tins.  He had purchased 350 items but found it necessary to buy many more from the local hardware stores.

The cream of the tobacco crop is Lucky Strike Cigarettes.  Paul Whiteman states they are his favorite brand and states: "I realized how vital perfect voice condition was to a performer.  I like their toasted flavor and, best of all, I can smoke as often as I like, without fear of irritating my voice, which is becoming a great asset in my work."

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