Thanks for reunion help

To the editor:

It is with emotion I write this letter of thanks to those who planned and managed the Vermillion All School Reunion. 

When I offered to help with this reunion, I did not envision being asked to chair the event because in 1997 I sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  For this reason I have been unable to work or do many of the things I would like to do for several years.  I did not think I was capable of such an undertaking. However, with much hesitancy the challenge was accepted knowing the journey would require a great deal of understanding, support and assistance … and it did. 

Throughtout the planning process several people played roles for which they deserve thanks beyond my capacity to express.  I could not have chaired this reunion without these people. I am so very grateful and appreciative.

First, thanks to the high schools who shared the secret of successful first reunions, i.e. Keep It Simple! Let individual classes plan their own reunions! Let returning alumni have time to get together on their own and enjoy each other's company. And leave a little time for shopping and enjoying the cafes and pubs!

Many thanks to Nancy and Gary Mincks for knowing when to say "no" and for brilliant guidance in my initial undertaking.  Appreciation to my classmate ('65) Dan Christopherson whose wisdom and insight prevailed when my TBI caused overwhelming confusion for me and consternation to those trying to help me! He was the calm in the middle of the storm – thank you my friend.

Thanks to Supt. Mark Froke and the Vermillion Board of Education for allowing use of Vermillion High School for the premier All School Reunion. Gratitude to the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce for the assistance lent ensuring the registration process. 

Words cannot adequately express gratitude enough to the two woman who were relentless in translating plan into reality! JaDeen Nemec and Trisha Fisher were the mainstay of the Reunion Committee working tirelessly to ensure the Friday afternoon and Saturday evening events happened. They coordinated with Rhythm-in-Red students and parents to provide refreshments and tours, etc..

As a result of registrations for the All School Reunion, the VHS show choir has benefited approximately $6,000 and will be able to worry less about travel, etc. as they prepare for future competitions.

Thank you to all who attended the All School Reunion.  Please stay in touch with friends old and new!

Carol Jorgenson, Chair

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