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On Sept. 15, seniors played three-man team scramble from the forward tees. There were 10 teams and they recorded 19 birdies collectively. Of those 19, there were 12 birdies worthy of bragging rights, which will be noted in this article.

The first place score, due to the tie breaker, was a 33 turned in by Turk Pilker, Gene Iverson and Ray Lynn. On this team Pilker made a 40-foot birdie on #5 and also another 20 footer on #6, while Lynn sank a 10 footer on #7.
Coming in second with the other 33 was the team of David Helseth, Lloyd Helseth and Ken Beringer.  On this team, the younger, David Helseth, made a 25-foot birdie on #2 and a 21-foot birdie on #8. Not to be "out-done" Daddy Lloyd Helseth, sank a 10-foot birdie on #3.

Taking third place with a 34 was the team of Harlan Schott, Cleland Cook and Guy Button. Button dropped a 15-footer for birdie on #3.

Due to the tie breaker hole, fourth place went to the team of Max Anderson, Al Clem and David Zimmer. Even though this team posted two birdies, no one claimed credit for these shots. Getting fifth prize for the best 35 out of three similar scores was the team of Mo Marcotte, Dick Kellogg and Jim Reed. It was Reed's 30-foot birdie putt on #9 that secured their position in the winner's circle.

Other birdies of honorable mention, although in a losing effort, were Milo Gilbertson making a 51 footer on #2, Louie Fostvedt sinking a 27 footer on #6, Vern Holter dropped a 21 footer on #5, and Elmer Mount watched a 15 footer find the hole on #6.

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