To what avail

To the editor:

In the apparent chaos in the thinking and actions of the United States Congress and the top leadership of our Republic during this period of our lives, my mind seems drawn to a passage I read decades ago in the novel, "Wanderer," written by Sterling Hayden. Hayden, a Hollywood actor, was a man torn between the reality of earning a very comfortable living with his acting abilities and his desire to run away to sea as master of his own sailing vessel. He had this to say about "Freedom Lost."

"To what avail the plough or sail, or love, or life — if freedom fail."

I personally believe the United States, as we have known it, is coming to a crossroad very fast. Serious thought to that simple one line above should be considered by all of us as our lawmakers and leaders, from those in the past to those in the present, try to lead us down the "government knows best for us" road. We don't need Washington to lead us down life's path.

Bill Willroth Sr.


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