Children learn more than handwriting at summer camp

The Occupational Therapy Department at Sanford Vermillion hosted its first Handwriting Helpers Camp this past summer. Twenty-one children from the Vermillion area in grades 1 through 3 participated in the three week program.

The program was comprised of a variety of handwriting related activities including:

• Movement and strength.

• Manipulatives.

• Arts and crafts.

• Paper and pencil challenge tasks.

The younger children worked to refine their coordination and fine motor skills, while the older children enhanced their overall writing quality by focusing on proper letter formation, line placement and spacing.

"Great concept – made learning so fun. My daughter loved going each day."

"It is a wonderful thing to see some of the changes and how much confidence is gained through these new abilities."

"We want to thank you for all the wonderful things we have noticed since beginning the camp."

These are some of the many positive comments received from parents on post-camp surveys.

To learn more about Handwriting Helpers Camp or if you have concerns regarding the fine motor development of your child, contact the Rehabilitation Services Department at Sanford Vermillion at (605) 638-8330. Sanford Vermillion is a member of Sanford Health.

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