Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

Harold and Ferdinand Sletwold, Sioux City men will take over the property of the Vermillion Greenhouse.  With the taking over of the property at the foot of the Ravine Hill, the greenhouse will be known as the Sletwold Greenhouse Company.  An uptown office will be maintained and will occupy the space at 106 E. Main where cut flowers, floral displays and potted plants will be maintained for the service of customers.

From the Dakota Republican files issue of June 17, 1880:  The ceremony of baptism was administered to the following persons at the Vermillion River near the Lee & Prentis bridge on Sunday:  Mr. & Mrs. Clem Russell, Cora Shriner, Ella Shriner, Grace Shriner, Mary Williams, Emma Robinson, Hattie Fassett and Mrs. Fisher.

The City Council ordered a new set of stairs up the bluff at Michigan Avenue.

1930 Humor: "How did your wife like the diamond brooch you gave her for her birthday?"  "Delighted, she was awfully nice for a couple of days.  But she is herself again now."

The July 17, 1879 Dakota Republican files tell of the discovery of gold on the Barton farm one mile east and four miles south of Centerville.  A test was made by running five wheelbarrow loads of material through the sluice boxes, with the result that gold was secured to the value of $1.50.  The quality was the same as that found in the Black Hills.

Last Sunday there passed through Vermillion a stage outfit composed of thirteen horses and five vehicles, enroute for Deadwood.

The coolest places in town in 1930 were the motion picture theatres. Admission is .35 cents and .10 cents for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  However, to see "The Tailers", starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. on Sunday, the admission is .50 cents.

Mrs. Mary Pratt is closing her millinery shop at 23 West Main.  She has been in business here for several years and is well known throughout the county.
End 1930

The purchase of 370 new seats for the city theatre was authorized at a special meeting of the City Council on Tuesday evening.  Representatives of six different furniture houses were present at the council meeting. After hearing from the representatives, the mayor and council awarded the contract to the American Seating Company of

Chicago at the price of $7.28 per seat.  The new seats will be covered with a fabricated material, which is guaranteed to neither crack nor burn, while the backs will be covered with attractive dark blue velour.  The council also authorized the building committee to make needed plumbing repairs in and about the theatre building.

Workmen unearthed an antique water system when excavating for the new municipal light and power plant.  This ancient water "system" was an important source of supply in the early days of the town.  Water was still trickling when the old iron pipe was uncovered. 

At Chet Johnson's Coyote Beauty and Barber Shop you can get a Realistic Permanent Wave until August 23, for $5.00.  Evenings and Sundays by appointment.  Phone 373.

The City Council awarded a contract for a block of sidewalk on North Plum to Gilbaugh and Bacon on their bid of 14 ? cents per square foot on a four inch walk.

Sheriff Howard C. Curtis and his deputies are starting the big job of trying to collect something over $100,000 of delinquent personal property taxes which are due the county. The distress warrants were turned over by the county treasurer.

Whether it is the financial depression, excessive heat, or a combination of causes, "the old swimming hole" has come into its own once again here.  With one of the finest municipal swimming pools in the state available at their door steps, residents are motoring to the Missouri River to bathe and swim.  Every evening sees scores in the river as in olden days.  Recently more than 200 bathed in the backwaters of the river at the same time.

Business men and laborers, society leaders and servants, were among those seeking natural bathing pool for their evening swim.  In the meantime the city council has reduced the charge at the municipal pool in Prentis Park to 7 swims for $1.00 and .10 cents for boys and girls under 17 years old.

One mile of the new paved highway between Vermillion and Meckling was opened for traffic yesterday afternoon.  The strip is not long but it adds much to the convenience of the public.  The stretch is from the city limits of Vermillion and extending one mile west.

2,000 melons will be given away to Clay County boys and girls 12 years old and under if accompanied by their parents on Saturday evening from 7:30 to 10:00.  Other specials at the Dunlap Fruit Company include extra fancy Alberta peaches at $1.45 per bushel, 5 large baskets of Concord grapes at $1.15, a bushel of cantaloupes for $1.00 and a bushel of potatoes for $1.00.

Henry Charrlin has sold his furniture and undertaking business to Frank Olds.  Mr. Olds has been employed at the business the past fifteen years.  Mr. Charrlin conducted the business the past 16 years taking over the business from E. D.Hawkins.  Mr. Charrlin talks some of moving to California but has not announced any definite plans at this time in September of 1931.

A chicken thief has his ornery hide full of buckshot.  The owner of the chickens was awakened early in the morning by a noise in the chicken house.  The farmer grabbed his shot gun and saw the man standing by the coop with a bunch of chickens in his hands.  The farmer banged away and the man fell down but jumped up instantly and was off over the fence and got away.  However, four chickens were killed so they think the thief was peppered with shots also and will be reporting at some doctor's office to have them removed and that he may be apprehended.

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