Tanager tennis ends season Friday

Vermillion's varsity tennis girls will finish their regular season Friday with a dual at Sioux Falls Lincoln and await next week's state tournament at Sioux Falls.

The Tanagers lost an 8-1 dual to Sioux Falls O'Gorman last week. The No. 1 doubles team of Claire Jones and Kayla Munger earned Vermillion's point with a 10-8 victory over their Knight opponents.

Vermillion's last home dual on Monday saw the Tanagers lose to Mitchell, 7-2. Nos. 1 and 2 singles players Jones and Munger both won their matches by a 10-6 score for Vermillion's two points.

O'Gorman 8, VHS 1
1. Claire Jones lost to
Mary Prouse, 11-9.
2. Kayla Munger lost to
Mary Billion, 10-6.
3. Lindsay Robinet lost
to Jenna Carnorki, 10-1.
4. Kasey Nielsen lost to
Alexis Kosiak, 10-3.
5. Dylan Daniels lost to
Izzy Townsend, 10-0.
6. Kelly Nielsen lost to
Abi Kosiak, 10-4.

1. Jones/Munger defeated Billion/
Townsend, 10-8.
2. Robinet/Kasey Nielsen lost to
Prouse/Czarnorki, 10-1.
3. Daniels/Kelly Nielsen lost to
Kosiak/Kosiak 10-3.

Mitchell 7, VHS 2
1. Jones defeated Angie Lorenzon, 10-6.
2. Munger defeated Kayla White, 10-6.
3. Robinet lost to Megan Solberg, 10-2.
4. Kasey Nielsen lost to
Courtney Wells, 10-8.
5. Dylan Daniels lost to
Marissa Tubbs, 10-7.
6. Kelly Nielsen lost to
Chelsea Kracht, 10-4.

1. Jones/Munger lost to Lorenzon/
Kendra Cersosimo, 10-5.
2. Robinet/Daniels lost to Solberg/
Kracht, 10-4.
3. Nielsen/Nielsen lost to
Wells/Tubbs, 10-4.

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