This week in Vermillion 9Ball League

This week some fine pool was being played and some not so fine pool was being cast about like some stones at the lake. The latter was the case for my team and myself as we are tied for last in the league.


A note for all teams: the new and revised schedule is out. Maya Janes 4 has been replaced by Careys 2. The league will try to make up the games that have been missed in the first two weeks. If you need a schedule, please call Leo's Sports Bar and Grill and ask for a copy. 


The Eagles 1 team has not shot a game. Beware all, these crafty vets will come out with a vengeance. It's so close to Halloween that we should all be scared!!!


Enough of the B.S … let's see who can be proud and who should hang their heads in shame. In a battle at the Char Bar, the Char 1 team lambasted the men of Maya Janes 3 in a 20-5 exhibition. All five of the Char 1 shooters were 4-1 for the night. Wow … congrats to Big Dog, Bill Willroth, Kase Allison, Troy Schaffer and Husker.


The Eagles 2 rolled into Maya Janes 2 and wound up on the short end of a 16-9 butt kicking. Nathan Bork was a perfect 5-0 to lead the MJ2 players. Brian Lambertz helped the cause for the home team by going 4-1. Dennis Navarat and DJ Barnett were 3-2 for the Eagles 2.


In a match at Careys, my team ( The Carey's 9Ballers) held up pretty good for the first half of the match. All tied at seven … (drum roll please) when Stevie Thiesen won the 15th game for Leo's 1. This put the Leo's 1 boys on a 9-0 run that was the elbow to our cranium. Much like a fighter on their last leg, "Battelin' Ben" Boskie and Justin Snyder won the last 2 games for Careys 1. But it was too little, too late for our Ballers. 16-9 was the score as Leo's 1 road 4 win nights from Mark "Stick" Clark, Thiesen and Travis "Too Tough" Taggart. Alas, we will have to seek our revenge at Prom.


Bunyans 1 held serve at home and dished out a 15-10 win over Leo's 3. The "Bombers" were lead by Curtis Mincks and Jody Sailer who banged in four wins each for Bunyans 1. Jon Brooks posted four wins for Leo's 3.


Leo's 2 defended the sports bar's honor by taking down the Varsity 2 team by a score of 15-10. Ryan Baedke and Jamie Baedke each flexed their pool muscle and won four games. In a statistical anomily, all members of the Varsity 2 team were two wins and three losses for the night.


And now for the close matches. At Maya Janes 1, Andy Johnson won the fourth of his five matches in the last game, to squeak out a 13-12 win over Bunyans 2. Josh Kauffman was a three game winner for MJ1. Bunyans 2 was lead by Dan Semmler with four wins and Blaine Schoellerman with three wins.

The "White Gloves" of Whimps won a close match with the Char 2 gang by a 13-12 score at the Char Bar. Skinny took home four wins for Whimps and was assisted by Rob and Glenny Mac who got three victories each. Josh Biever was a four game getter and Ryan "Dino" Denieen got three wins for the Char 2 hustlers.


Leo's 4 did battle at the Varsity 1 and came up a little short. Rian Merrigan was a perfect 5-0 for the Lettermen. Mike "Stew" Stewart also pitched in for three wins. Kurt Kuiper and Jere Chapman each score 3 wins for the Leo's 4 team.


Well, that's all I have for the competitive side of the 9 Ball League. Following is a list of the teams and their win and loss record. Once again I hang my head in shame as my team and I are mired in the cellar. It's kind of murky down here, but we did find some "Rocket Fuel" or it might just be "moonshine". Either way, we are going to take a pull and continue to enjoy our competition.


Until next week, we will see you on the felt surface. Thanks, MOJO.


The standings

1)Char 1…32-18.

2)Leo's 1 and Maya Janes 2…31-19.


5)Maya Janes 1…28-22.

6)Varsity 1…27-23.

7)Bunyans 1…25-25.

8)Eagles 2 and Leo's 2…24-26.

10)Bunyans 1 and Varsity 2…23-27.

12)Char 2 and Leo's 4…22-28.

14)Leo's 3…21-29.

15)Carey's 1 and Maya Janes 3…19-31.


There were a bunch of 9ball breaks this week. The author of this column, Joe "MOJO" Reiser knocked in a 9Ball against Aaron Baedke, and the following rack, Aaron Baedke knocked in a 9Ball against his opponent. Others who made the 9Ball on the break were, Jeremy Kirkpatrick, Keith "Nitro" Stoos, Gerit Sjolie, Josh Kimlickea and Rob Whatcamacallhim from the White Gloves.


The stellar shooting that won the "Gold Star Performance" were Nathan Bork of Maya Janes 2 and Rain Merrigan of the Varsity 1. Congrats to all of those hot shooters.


The "Bottom of the Barrel" shooters that went 0-5 were Adam Hasse, Rod Teiman and Alex Hodidntgethislastnamedown. In Rod's defense, the word on the street was that, Rod ran into a tough time and only got three shots before retiring for the night.

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