Be safe

To the editor:
As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I'm sure you are thinking about family gatherings and turkey dinners. I'm asking you to make seatbelts and highway safety part of your holiday planning.

Five people died in highway accidents in South Dakota last year during the Thanksgiving weekend. The year before, seven people were killed in car wrecks in our state during the holiday. That was the deadliest Thanksgiving on record. Nearly all of those deaths could have been prevented if people had followed basic highway safety practices.

It's up to you to keep highway crashes, injuries and deaths from marring the Thanksgiving holiday. If you have been drinking, please don't drive.

When you travel, allow extra time for holiday traffic. And always buckle up – every trip, every time. Be responsible for making sure others in your vehicle do the same thing. Seatbelts are the best tool you have for keeping you and your family safe on the road.

Have a safe and pleasant Thanksgiving.

James Carpenter
South Dakota Office
of Highway Safety directo

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