China is topic of forum Nov. 23

"China #1?" will be the topic of the Monday, Nov. 23 International Forum to be held in Farber Hall at noon. The forum is sponsored by the Beacom School of Business.  Panelists include: Dr. Lucy Dai (sociology), Dr. Kaiya Liu (business), Dr. Xuejun Wang (medicine) and Dr. Randall Waldron (economics).

Moderator will be Dr. Benno Wymar, professor emeritus of economics.

President Obama is scheduled to visit China later this month.  He probably will ask the Chinese to continue providing credit to the U.S. Already China is its number one foreign creditor.  In addition, due to its excellent economic growth rate of more than 9 percent,  it also represents a growing market for  many U.S. products, including agricultural commodities,  especially soybeans and pork. 

An issue of concern is that due to the preoccupation of the U.S. with Afghanistan and Iraq, China's influence throughout the world has been increasing to a considerable degree.  How soon might it be seen as the world's dominant nation? 

These and other issues will be taken up by the panelists. As for the past 15 years, the event is open to the public and at no charge.

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