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President Valerie Philipp opened the meeting leading the group in the national anthems of the United States and Norway accompanied by Phyllis Neilsen and the pledge of Allegiance of the United States of America.

Buzz Mann, representing the Center for Tammy Matuska, presented the Lodge with information about the upcoming lutefisk supper to be held on Nov. 7. They need someone who has some experience in cooking the fish. Lillehammer Lodge is planning a bake sale to be held at this event, needing three to four tables on the north side of the room as before. Containers to be used for the bake sale were available to anyone to take and use. Postcard notes will be sent to all members as a reminder of the pricing to use on the bake sale items.

The minutes of the last meeting were read, with a thanks given to Joanne Christensen, for taking notes at the last meeting. Minutes approved as read.

Gene Iverson presented the financial status of the Lodge, noting the donations sent to Helping Hands for Haiti and sent to the local Sack Pack program in Yankton. Report accepted.

Vi Ranney spoke of the Quilt Fest in Des Moines, Branson trip, and a possible trip to Norway in June of 2010.

Diane Reese reported on the banquet recently served by the Lodge members coordinating with Christ the King Church. The cost estimated for the Lodge was $250. Clarice Holm and Carole Nordby prepared the stew meat and Karen Gran assisted Diane in putting the stew together for the meal.

Margo Larson has moved to Menno as advised by her doctor.

The December meeting will be a potluck and we will begin having our meetings on the third Saturday of the month in November through March 2010. Our first Saturday meeting will be Nov. 17 at 2 p.m. The December meeting will be a noon meal at 1 p.m. on Dec. 19.

New officers will be needed for 2010 and all are asked to look through their membership books for ideas for new officers.

The program was a report from the members that had attended the HostFest recently (or in the past years). Many good comments were given and many plan to attend again. It is the largest Scandinavian festival in the United States.

The September meeting was highlighted by a program by David and Jerilyn Hansen on their trips affiliated with Helping Hands to Haiti. They told of the many schools that have been opened since they and other volunteers have helped with and also the food programs involved.

The birthday names were read and the happy birthday song was sung.

The Norwegian table prayer was prayed by the group led by John Grindvold and the meeting was adjourned. A delicious lunch was served by the October committee.

Carol Broderson, secretary

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