Howe attends Mayo Videoconference

Vermillion Medical Clinic Audiologist, Jason R. Howe, MS, FAAA, CCC-A, recently attended the Mayo Clinic Twentieth Annual Audiology Videoconference simulcasted at the University of South Dakota Speech and Hearing Clinic in Vermillion.  The meeting is designed for physicians, audiologists, and scientists interested in hearing, hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, and hearing aids.

Topics included: Evaluation and treatment of the pediatric cochlear implant patient; Pediatric vestibular and balance assessment; Diagnosis and management of auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder; Importance of research in clinical audiology; Neural mechanisms in patients with auditory processing disorder underlying hemispheric transfer; and, A new model for managing patients with tinnitus.

Howe offers audiology evaluations and services for pediatric through adult patients.  Appointments may be scheduled at Vermillion Medical Clinic by calling (605) 624-8643.

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