Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

Two Hundred people take a swim as the pool opens.  The manager offered a $2.00 season ticket and a $5.00 family ticket.  The city council is arranging to put in washed beach sand around the pool; this will be a great improvement over the coarse and dirty sand now in use.

A new lunch room, the "Midget Lunch", will be opened Saturday by Mrs. C. Bacon and her daughter in law, Mrs. C. Bacon, Jr. at the site of the popcorn stand on Main Street which the elder Mrs. Bacon has operated for the last 15 years.  Motto of the new lunch room is "Everything 5 cents".  The sale of popcorn and peanuts at this location will continue.

The bathing beauty contest season will soon be here.  Bathing suits for 1932 are said to be less expensive and less discernable.

A goggled stranger with an automatic robbed the Brownell Service Station on North Plum Street at 9:30 on Friday night.  The robber walked in and said "Stick 'em up and hand over the cash or you'll never live to tell it."  Theodore Clark, the attendant, decided the man meant business so he opened the cash register and dished out a $10.00 bill, eight $1.00 bills and about $6.00 in change.  The robber pocketed the cash, made Theodore get in the washroom and disappeared.  Theodore emerged almost immediately and phoned Denny Sullivan, night cop.  A search for the bandit was futile.  This is the first holdup at this station but it has been visited by burglars several times.

Fred Lass was standing at his desk making out the daily report for his Standard Oil Station on the corner of Main and Dakota when a bandit came in and said "Up with em"!  Lass did not see the automatic the thug was holding and said to the bandit, "Quit your kidding".  The bandit stepped a little closer and Lass saw his gun as the bandit reasserted his previous command.  Lass reached forward suddenly and gave the bandit a push out the door.  The bandit struck at Lass with his gun, the blow glancing off the attendant's left temple.  Before the bandit could do further damage, Lass slammed the door in his face and locked the door.  While Lass phoned the police, he saw the bandit make for a Chevrolet parked on Main Street and drive away.  A search by Policeman Sullivan and Deputy Sheriff Chaussee was futile.  From the description of the bandit they believe it to be the same man that held up the Brownell Station a few days before.  The bandit is about 30 years old.

It is said that so many golf players have dropped golf and taken up gardening, because of the depression, that an honest gardner can hardly make a living.

Special Luncheon Menu @ Kale's Café:

Fried spring chicken, bread, butter, potatoes and vegetables.45 cents

Sardines in tomato sauce, potato salad and soda crackers.25 cents

Lemonade, Iced tea or Coffee with above orders.

Cash on hand in the city's coffers on May 31 amounted to $31,084.00 according to Maude Sloan, the city treasurer.

Delinquent taxpayers will get a gentle reminder soon to be mailed out from the County Treasurer's office. There are thousands of dollars of unpaid personal property taxes in Clay County, some taxpayers being back five and ten years.

Vermillion's Police Department, as it stands now, is not motorcycle conscious.  Because of this fact, the city council has decided to let the city's $400.00 motorcycle, used by the former police chief, Wm. Bliss, stand idle and purchase a used car for the department.  If possible, the motorcycle will be sold.  Present policemen, none of whom ride a motorcycle, report they have been put to considerable inconvenience answering on foot calls from out of the way parts of town.

Following the wish of the state highway commission, the city council authorized the removal of the stop sign from Dakota street at Main.  A slow sign will be placed there to offset the possibility of a collision at this intersection.  As Dakota street is State Highway 50, the commission wishes to avoid the use of stop signs.

Two men will relinquish their jobs with the county highway department this month.  Wages of road workers have been cut by the commissioners from an average of 38 cents an hour to an average of 28 cents an hour.

Times were so tough in 1931-32 that we will be telling our grandchildren that man smokers are rolling their own.

The official appearance of the Vermillion police car was enhanced the other day with the addition of an electric siren to the fixtures in the vicinity of the radiator.  The siren is an extra one belonging to the fire department.

The city clock has been repaired with new works and one new face.  It will soon be seen over the entrance of Davis Pharmacy.

The chicken thieves are now stealing 2 month old chicks.  Several hens were taken also.  Miss Jensen was at home and saw a big sedan drive into the yard and park near the brooder house.  She watched from an upstairs window and yelled at the occupants of the car but she received no answer and soon the car was driven away.  She had no phone so was unable to summon help while the car was at the farm.

Specials for Saturday at the City bakery include Cinnamon Bread for 10 cents, two dozen cookies for 25 cents, Blueberry pies 20 cents each and twisted coffee rings for 15 cents each.

At Meisenholder's store you never saw sweeter savings:

Two 1 lb cans Red Alaska salmon for 35 cents.

All flavors of Heinz soups, 3 cans only 25 cents.

Dill pickles, full quart 15 cents.

Copper wire fly swatters 05 cents each.

R. J. McCauley, local jeweler has completed the work on the city clock and the timepiece has been hoisted to its new resting place over the Davis Pharmacy entrance.  The clock and Davis drug sign both boost a new coat of black paint.

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