South Dakotans reminded of new rules when getting driver license

South Dakota driver licensing officials are urging residents to "get it together"' to be ready for changes in the types of documents required to get a license or renew an existing one.

New identification requirements in the driver licensing program take effect Dec. 31. The changes reflect federal concerns over national security, identity theft and highway safety, says Cindy Gerber, state Driver Licensing Program director.

"Driver licenses are the most requested form of identification in North America," Gerber said. "The new requirements will help us make sure applicants are who they say they are and have earned the privilege of driving on our highways."

The new law requires these documents to be brought to the driver licensing station:

• Proof of identity and date of birth. Certified U.S. birth certificates, valid U.S. passports and certificates of citizenship are among acceptable documents.

• Proof of Social Security number. Social Security cards, W-2 forms or pay stubs are among acceptable documents.

• Two proofs of principal address. Utility or phone bills, rent receipts, bank statements and pay stubs are among acceptable documents.

The "Get It Together" campaign reminds citizens to gather those documents before making the trip to the driver licensing station. To learn more about the new requirements, as well as recent fee changes, please call 1-800-952-3696 or visit the Driver Licensing page on the Department of Public Safety Web site (

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