This Week in Vermillion 9Ball League

Maya Janes 3 were on the road to Leo's Sports Bar and Grill and rolled out with a 16-9 besting of Leo's 2. Robby HowdoIgetalastname was 5-0 with help from Tyler Job who added three wins. Four members of Leo's 2 had two win nights. 

In another 16-9 match at Bunyans, the Char 1 raced past the "Bombers" of Bunyans 1. Husker and "BlueBarry" Brown rolled in four 9Balls each. Kase Allison and Bill Willroth chipped in with three wins each. Jeremy Kirkpatrick and Jeff Brown banged in three wins each for the "Bombers."

The Eagles 1 were home for their first match of the year as Clark Lewison and Larry Edwards posted four wins each to soar past the Varsity 2 team in a 15-10 victory. Jerry Sommervold took off a little time from the harvest to slide in three wins in the support of the Eagles veteran players. Jason "Banger" Bengtord and Jesse Greenway were three game winners for the Varsity.

Carey's 1 made their way into the winning side with a 14-11 win over Bunyans 2. Luke Lacey paced the 9Ballers with four wins and got some help from Jered "Cheeks" Heiden and Justin Snyder who rolled in three wins each. The trio of Blaine Schoellerman, Trevor Freudenthal and Donny Stewart all had three wins for Bunyans.

Maya Janes 1 held down the Leo's 4 shooters to the tune of 14-11 for a win at Maya Janes. Gerit Solje banged in four wins and was assisted by Carson Kennedy and "T" Wilson King who pounded out three wins a piece. Leo's 4 was paced by Jere Chapman and Harlin Durkin at three wins each.

The "Gold Star" shooters of the week were Nate Bork and Brian Lambertz of Maya Janes 2, Ryan "Dino" Dineen of Char 2 and Robby H. of Maya Janes 3. The studs that made 9Balls on the break were Carson Kennedy, Harlin Durkin, Kase Allison, "Hot Rod" Jensen and "Dino" Dineen.

The players that didn't have any luck and wound up on the "Bottom of the Barrel" were Andrew Lesch, Bobby Langner, Curtis Mincks, Dan "Semi" Semmler and Kyle Mollet. Sorry dudes, better luck next week.

The new comers from Carey's 2 ran into a buzz saw at the Char 2 in their first match of the year. "DINO" dropped five wins and received help from Josh Biever, Josh Kimlicka and "Hot Rod" Jensen who rolled in four wins each for a 20-5 dusting of the Carey's 2 team. Carey's 2 was lead by Chris "The Healer" Healey with three wins.

In another 20-5 match, Maya Janes 2 blasted the Leo's 3 team. Nate Bork and Brian Lambertz lead the way with a couple of five win nights. Barry "Rock n' Roll" Brown assisted with four wins. A member of the Leo's 3 team commented, "It hurts when you play these guys."

The Eagles 2 soared down to the Varsity 1 and soared out with a 17-8 victory over the Varsity 1 Lettermen. Quinten Larson, Shanon Feland and Rod Tieman each clawed their way for four wins. Jason "Bone" Fladeboe had three wins for ground support. Three members of the Lettermen had two wins each.

Well there you have it folks. October is over and we set out sites on some fun for November. Until next week, I will be practicing my combos and trying to stay out of the bottom of the barrel. Thanks a billion. MOJO.

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