This Week in Vermillion City 9Ball League

This week in 9ball league there were a lot of close matches and some teams were to busy in the fields to play their matches. Best wishes to the people trying to get the harvest finished.

Here are the league standings:
1)Maya Janes 2  64-36…64 percent.
2)Char 1  60-40…60 percent.
3)Leo's 1  44-31…58.66 percent.
4)Whimps  29-21…58 percent.
5)Char 2  42-33…56 percent.
6)tie Eagles 1 27-23  Eagles 2 Maya Janes 1  54-46…54 percent.
9)tie Leo's 2 Maya Janes 3  48-52…48 percent.
11)Varsity 1  47-53…47 percent.
12) tie Careys 1 and Bunyans 2  46-54…46 percent.
14) Leos 45-55…45 percent.
15)tie  Varsity 2 33-42 and Bunyans 1 44-56 44 percent.
17) Leo's 3  39-61…39 percent.
18) Careys 2 5-20…20 percent.

Here is the schedule for Nov. 18. (Home Team listed first) Leo's 4 vs Leo's 1; Careys 2  vs Varsity 2; Bunyans 2 vs Eagles 2;  Whimps vs Maya Janes 3;  Leo's 3 vs Careys 1;  Char 2 vs Bunyans; Char 1 vs Maya Janes 1; Eagles 1 vs Maya Janes 2; Varsity 1 vs Leo's 2.

 There were a bunch of "9ball Breaks" this week, two "Gold Star" performances and a few folks wound up in the bottom of the barrel. The crafty guys making the 9Ball on the break were … Dana "DB" Hovalt, Justin Snyder, Rick Haught, Cliff Deverell, Carson Kennedy and Eric Hanson.

The unfortunate lot that wound up on the bottom of the barrel for going 0-5 were Luke Lacey, Carl Towner, Alex Whatmacallhim and Patrick O'Shucks.

The  "Gold Stars" were passed out to Kase Allison and Ryan Baedke. The stars were really lined up for Ryan as he went 5-0 and his beloved Yankees wrapped up the World Series. So, congrats to all of the hot shooters and "Sorry" to the peeps that were in the barrel.

The matches were very close between the highly competitive teams that reported. The biggest spread was from Leo's 2 who bested Bunyans 1 by a score of 15-10. Ryan Baedke was a perfect 5-0 to lead Leo's 2. Mike Hekrdle and Jeff "Fleet" Gilbertson each add three wins to the mix for Leo's 2. The trio of Jeremy Kirkpatrick, Jamie Erickson and Jody Sailer were 3-2 for the Bunyans Bombers.

The rest of the matches wound up being 13 to 12 narrow margin wins for the skilled teams and unfortunate defeats for the teams that couldn't get over the top. In a real nail biting match at Careys, Matt Zeman and "DB" Hovalt road 4 win nights to vault the Careys 9Ballers  to a one game victory. Harlin Durkin, Kurt Kuiper and Wade "Blues Man" Hanson were three game winners for Leo's 4.

Maya Janes 3 was on the road and delivered a 13-12 besting of the Eagles 1 seasoned vets. Rob Hughes, Tyler Job, Steve Neal and Ben Hays were three game victors for MJ3. The Eagles 1 team was lead by Jerry Sommervold, Larry Edwards and Clark Lewison who also posted three wins each.

Leo's 3 defended home turf with a 13-12 win over the Lettermen of the Varsity 1. Cam Nettestadt, Jon Brooks, Kyle Mollet and Brett Mockler all banged out three wins for Leo's 3. Wade Mount came out of retirement to lead the Varsity with four wins, as did Matt "Doc" Taggart.

The Eagles 2 rolled into Maya Janes 1 and rolled out with a 13-12 win. Quinten "Quinney" Larson lead the way for the Eagles 2 team with four wins and was assisted by three wins from Shanon Feland and Rod "The Bod" Tieman. T. Wilson King and Scott Towels each had four win nights for MJ1.

In a "Battle Royal" of top teams, Maya Janes 2 won a 13-12 match with the Char 1 Racers. Nate Bork rolled in four wins and was helped along by three wins from the duo of Troy Nicks and Doug Hanson. Kase Allison was a perfect 5-0 for the Char 1 team. Leo's 1 went to the edge of town and delivered a 13-12 beating of the Bunyans 2 Bombers. Travis "Too Tough" Taggart was top dog for Leo's 1 with a four win night. Mark "Stick" Clark mowed down three wins to assist Leo's 1. Dan "Semi" Semmler was a four game winner to pace the Bombers of Bunyans 2.

Well, there you have it folks. The best days are here and I would wish all of the people working in the fields a great and bountiful harvest. It's not long until the snow flies, so, enjoy the weather. That's all for me. Thanks, "MOJO."

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