This Week in Vermillion Pool League

This week the league would like to welcome the newest team to the league. Careys 2 jumped into the league at short notice and helped the entire league by giving us our 18th team. Special thanks to Collene Zea, Bobby Langner, Andrew Lesch, Chris "the Healer" Healey, Robbie Hecht and Zack Lacey for forming a team a short notice.

We also welcome back the Eagles 1 team, who played their first match of the season.

Here are the standings as we close out October:
1)Maya Janes 2  58-24…68 percent.
2) Char 1  48-27…64 percent.
3) Leo's 1  31-19…62 percent.
4)Eagles 1…15-10…60 percent.
5)Whimps 29-21…58 percent.
6)Eagles 2  41-34…54.7 percent.
7)Maya Janes 1 and Char 2  42-33…56 percent.
9)Varsity 1 and Maya Janes 3  35-40…46.7 percent.
11)Bunyans 1 and Bunyans 2  34-41…45.3 percent.
13)Careys 1: Leo's 2: Leo's 4 and Varsity 2  33-42…44 percent.
17)Leo's 3  34.7 percent.
18)Careys 2  5-20…20 percent.

Next weeks schedule – Home team is named first. Bunyans 2-vs-Leo's1; Whimps-vs-Careys 2; Careys1-vs-Leo's 4; Char 2-vs-Varsity 2; Maya Janes 1-vs-Eagles 2; Eagles 1-vs-Maya Janes 3; Leo's 3-vs-Varsity 1; Leo's 2-vs-Bunyans 1; Maya Janes 2-vs-Char 1.

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