Bake sale is successful

Past-president Marvin Tronvold opened the meeting leading the group in the national anthems of the United States and Norway, accompanied by Phyllis Neilsen, and the Pledge of the Allegiance of the United States of America. Phyllis introduced the song Skjaere, skjaere havre (Cutting Grain), appropriate for the harvest season. This was sun in English and Norwegian.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Gene Iverson presented the financial status of the Lodge. Report approved.

A thank you letter was read from Helping Hands for Haiti.

Helen Severson asked members to share Opdahlslag books from 1921, 22, 23 and 25 if someone in their family would have them. Evy Kuecker is searching for copies of these to have them translated into English and then would be available for purchase. Some of the other years' books have already been translated and are available for purchase.

Wayne Knutson is recovering from some heart problems.

A report on the bake sale was very good and members that could not bring baked items for this were encouraged to contribute cash for their part of support. Carol Broderson gave a big "thank you" to Marlys List for her help at the bake sale – every item was sold. Thanks were also expressed for the member's contributions of baked goods, which were well done and beautifully packaged, too. The Center reported that 225 were served, lutefisk leftovers to be sold as 400 meals were planned. A lady that cooks lutefisk for the Centerville Café cooked the fish for the Center and invited all to come to the Centerville Café for lutefisk on Monday nights.

The December meeting will be a potluck noon meal at 1 p.m. on Dec. 19.

New officers will be needed for 2010 and all are asked to look through their membership books for ideas for new officers. Gene Iverson also requested someone to audit the financial records for 2009.

For the program, Carol Broderson read an article written by a young man from North Dakota about taking part in preparing and serving a traditional lutefisk supper at his church. This led to lots of reminiscing led by Ray Strunk about lutefisk suppers members had attended and assisted with in their years of growing up in the local Scandinavian communities and churches.

A closing song, Hvor I verdon jeg jar, (Though I Roam O'er the World) was sung in English and Norwegian.

The birthday names were read and the birthday song was sung.

The Norwegian table prayer was prayed by the group led by John Grindvold and the meeting was adjourned. A delicious lunch was served by the November committee.

Carol Broderson, secretary

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