No Celebrate Vermillion Dec. 31

There will be no Celebrate Vermillion activities in Vermillion this New Year's Eve.

Unfortunately, the event will not be held to ring in 2010, however, Celebrate Vermillion is simply "under construction" for the time being. The committee fully intends to ramp up planning efforts early in 2010 for a fun, family-oriented, alcohol-free and tobacco-free celebration at the end of next year.

The first Celebrate Vermillion was held December 31, 1998 to ring in the year 1999. This event has included well over 1,000 participants and volunteers in years past. Plans for Celebrate Vermillion include a bit of a face lift with new activities and a new location in December 2010 as well as hopes for growth in participation.

Fortunately, in recent years, the event has involved an excellent and sizeable group of high school student volunteers. That, and strong involvement from community members, will remain a vital element for Celebrate Vermillion's future success.

The Celebrate Vermillion committee is asking for additional community members willing to participate in the planning process starting in early 2010. If you or your business are interested in joining the committee, please e-mail Devon Davoux at

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