Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

The Chamber of Commerce has more than twice as many memberships this year than in 1932.  At the conclusion of the member campaign more than 150 were enrolled as compared with 69 in 1932.  In 1931 there were 117 members.

Rew Spatz is now operating the ferry seven miles southwest of Meckling.

"Back a Quarter Century in 1908", the city council condemned the old city hall and paid the last $500 on the bond issue to erect the building.  This left the city free of debt.

Liveryman Cain purchased a heavy funeral harness for the benefit of his undertaking business.

The city ordinance in April of 1933 is "again" beer.  As the ordinance now stands it prohibits the sale or possession of any kind of spirituous liquors.  Transporting it into the city is forbidden.

"Well boys, you've got me—I've got a load."  Acting on advice information, Federal agents and Sheriff Russell were cruising about on Tuesday morning looking for a "certain car" with a certain number.  As the officials drove east on West Main they passed that "certain car" and turned and overtook it west of the city.  In the rear were 10 gallon jugs of whiskey, 10 tins of alcohol and a case of bonded whiskey.  The man from Stevens, SD was escorted to the county jail.

I. J. Golz is the new proprietor of Kale's Café.  Mr. Golz is well known here as he operated the cafeteria and grill room at the Waldorf hotel for the past six years.

"Clean up your alleys or the city will do it for you", L. H. Pierce, head of the council streets committee warned this week.

An unlicensed penny weighing machine which was in a local business place has been confiscated and is now being held in the sheriff's office.

Plans for sending the Vermillion High School State Champion Orchestra to the National Music contest at Elmhurst, Ill., and the Chicago exposition were discussed last night at a meeting of parents and school officials.  The trip will cost each orchestra member's parents $10.00.

After receiving numerous complaints about slot machines in local business houses, Sheriff Russell ordered all such machines upon which gambling is possible to be "ditched".  No machines were seized.  Chief complaints came from parents of young men who squandered money given them for other purposes.

Farm wages are reported to be about 25% below a year ago.  The average wage in South Dakota by the month with board is $16.50 and without board is $27.00.  By the day with board the average wage is 85 cents and without board is $1.25.

His Royal Highness Prince Yukichi Yoshida, a Japanese student in America, will attend the summer session at the university, according to a letter received by Dr. W. H. Batson, summer session director. Prince Yuhichi Yoshida has been attending school at the University of North Dakota at Fargo.

An Iowa editor has a flock of chickens.  On Friday, two weeks ago, one of the hens laid a double yolk egg.  Saturday's egg was normal having the standard one yolk.  But on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday she repeated the Friday performance and again produced eggs having double yolks.  Wednesday the hen died.  The editor's explanation of the sudden death of this unusual barnyard fowl is that "inflation killed her"!!

Wedding bells rang 65 years ago for Mr.  & Mrs. Charles Chaussee.  Mr. Chaussee came to this community with his parents in 1862.  Mrs. Chaussee is the daughter of one of the earliest Dakota pioneers, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Shriner.  Family and friends gathered for the celebration.

Tonight is the last chance to see Clark Gable and Jean Harlow in "Red Dust" at the March Theatre.  Beginning Saturday, "Picture Snatcher" starring James Cagney will be the feature movie and Sunday and Monday, Joe E. Brown stars in "Elmer the Great".

The Vermillion Merchantile is selling roast beef for 11 cents a lb and round or sirloin steak for 18 cents per lb.

The gnat attack is on in Vermillion.  The little pests appeared in vast numbers on Saturday, getting into everyone's hair, ears, eyes and clothing.  Many, who could do so with taste, were exhibiting bits.  Only brief visits were paid to the gardens.

A large crowd turned out for the dance at Burbank last Friday night.  The sale of tickets was quite a help to the Blue Rambler orchestra, and the report was that everyone had a good time.  A ten cent lunch was served at 12:00.  They expect to have more dances in the near future.  So far they have gotten along without any rough-house stuff.  An old fashioned barn dance is the next one on the list.

Forty five dollars has been raised from contributions of local businessmen, to purchase uniforms for Vermilion's 8 man team entering the state fire tournament at Mitchell in June.  The uniforms will give the local boys a good chance of winning a cash prize in the fire parade.  The fire department wishes to thank the businessmen for their contributions.

Few men claim to be good all around cooks.  Many however, have special dishes which they feel they have mastered thoroughly.  Incidentally, the addition of a little sugar to the meat or fowl adds quick energy and flavor of the other ingredients.  Here is one of the men's recipes:


Run through the meat grinder enough finely sliced boiled man to make one cup of it when minced.  Add one/half teaspoon mixed mustard, few drops of Tabasco sauce, one teaspoon sugar, salt and pepper to taste, and enough chili sauce to make a smooth paste.  Spread on thin slices of buttered bread.

L. H. Pierce, local fire chief, and a team of eight men will leave on Sunday for Mitchell.  They will be wearing their snappy new uniforms which include white trousers, red beach shirts and red caps.

A former South Dakota convict has been pointed out as one of the local bandits by LesterLloyd the Assistant Cashier of Citizen Bank.  Miss Maude Sloan also pointed out AnthonyDe Shain, alias Tony Shain as the bandit who jumped over the counter at the start of the holdup.  The bandit has been in the "pen" several times for grand larceny in Grant County.  In 1928 he was sentenced to the "pen" for five years for rape and paroled in 1931.  In 1935 he was convicted of driving while intoxicated at Milbank and sentenced to a year in jail.

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