This Week in Vermillion City Pool League

Week eight is in the books and we find Maya Janes 2 on the top of the heap with Leo's 1 back in second place after a battle of top teams. Here are the standings with week number eight in the books.
1)Maya Janes 2..128-72  64%
2)Leos 1…107-68  61.1%
3)Whimps…75-50  60%
4)Char 1…118-82  59%
5)Maya Janes 1…112-88  56%
6)Eagles 2…107-93  53.5%
7)Char 2…92-83 52.6%
8)Leos 3…100-100 50%
9)Maya Janes 3 and Varsity 1…105-95  47.5%
11)Eagles 1…71-79  47.3%
12)Careys 1…94-106  47%
13)Leos 2…89-111  44.5%
14)Leos 4 and Bunyans 1…88-112  44%
16)Varsity 2…64-86  42.7%
17)Bunyans 2…83-117 41.5%
18)Careys 2…44-81  35.2%

Blaine Schollerman and Jeff Solomon were the dynamic duo that made the 9ball on the break. Stevie Thiesen and Ryan Brinkman were the "Gold Star Performers" for going 5-0. Congrats to those four shooters. Jesse Greenway and Buzz "Blues Harp" Johnson wound up on the "Bottom of the Barrel" for going 0-5.

Let's take a peek at the games from week eight. Maya Janes 2 took a trip to beautiful downtown Burbank for a battle with last years season champs, Whimps. Troy Nicks and Barry "Rock n' Roll" Brown used 4-1 nights to lift Maya Janes 2 to the 14-11 victory. Brian Lambertz helped the MJ2 cause with three wins. The trio of Mike, Skinny and Rob all had three wins for Whimps.

The Eagles 1 team was on the road at Maya Janes 1 and were grounded by the home team 19-6. "T" Wilson King, Gerit Soljie and Scott Tissue posted four win nights for MJ1. Carson Kennedy and Josh Whatyamacallhim were 3-2 to further the cause of MJ1. Jerry Sommervold was top shooter for the Eagles 1 team with two wins.

Kyle Mollet and Jon Brooks were both four game winners as Leos 3 powered past Leos 4 by a tally of 17-8. Cam Nettestadt, and the brother duo of Brett and Ryan Mockler pitched in with three wins each to round out a 17 win night for the road dogs. 

Leos 4 was lead by the four wins of Jim "Fry Daddy" Frye and was held back by one win from the other four members of Leos 4.

On the other table at Leo's Sports Bar and Grill, Careys 1 dusted of the pool cues and finished ahead of Leos 2 by a 16-9 score. Dana "DB" Hovalt cruised to a four win night. The rest of the Careys team, Justin Snyder, Luke Lacey, Jared "Cheeks" Heiden and Mojo Reiser all had three wins. Danny Doty lead the Leos 2 shooters with three wins.

Leo's 1 pushed their way into second place in the league with a 15-10 win over the Eagles 2 team. Stevie Thiesen was a perfect 5-0 for the Leo's men. Travis "Too Tough" Taggart helped out with four marks in the win column. Tim Dooley was duly noted as having three wins for the home team.

Maya Janes 3 used four wins in the final frame to race past the Varsity 2 by a 14-11 score. Brandon Lee kicked in four wins and got help from Adam Hasse and Ben Dover, who each had three wins for MJ3. Ryan Brinkman was a perfect 5-0 for Varsity 2 and was assisted by four win from the banging cue of Jason "Banger" Bengford.

The Char 1 men waltzed into Bunyans and waltzed out with a 14-11 road win over Bunyans 2. Husker was top dog for the Char with four wins. Grant "Big Dog" Sommervold and Kase "Top Chef" Allison also cooked up three wins for the night. Blain Schoellerman was a four game winner and got three victories from Donny Stewart as the home team kept it close for most of the night.

Jeff Solomon made the 9ball on the break and closed out the home standing Careys 2 shooters by the score of 13-12 for Bunyans 1. Jody Sailor posted four wins and was assisted by three wins from Solomon for the Bombers of Bunyans. Collene Zea showed her stuff with a four win night for Careys 2. Zac Lacey ran in three wins for the home team.

The Char 2 got four wins each from Josh Biever and "Hot Rod" Jensen to race past the Varsity 1 Lettermen by the score of 13-12. The Lettermen were paced by three wins each from Mike Stewart, Jarred Muhlbauer and Carl Towner.

Well that's about it for the rest of this year. The league results from Dec. 16 will be out after the calender turns to 2010. It seems like this year went pretty fast. So, I remind all of you to take care and look out for the other guy. I also would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Travel safe and please stay off of your cell phones while you are driving.

Peace be with us all. Thanks a billion (a million just isn't enough). MOJO

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