Blood bank in need of donations

The Siouxland Community Blood Bank is strongly encouraging everyone to donate blood as soon as possible. 

"The impact of last week's snow storm has really put our inventory in a bind," said Jan Twait, CEO. "We're asking any donor that's eligible to donate to come in as soon as possible."

The Siouxland Blood Bank had projected to collect almost 400 units of blood from Tuesday through Saturday last week.  However, the weather forced many mobile blood drives to close early on Tuesday and Wednesday and all mobile blood drives were cancelled on Thursday. The main office in Sioux City also closed early on Wednesday and remained closed until Monday.

 The Siouxland Community Blood Bank is doing everything it can to recoup those losses starting immediately. "We are trying hard to get back out to our communities for our donors," said Twait.  "However, poor road conditions have forced us to cancel more blood drives today which only puts us back that much farther."  Blood drives scheduled for O'Neill, NE and Hartington, NE were cancelled.

To complicate matters, the blood bank is also preparing for the New Year's weekend. 

The blood bank's main office will be open normal business hours this week with the exception of Friday. Offices will be closed on New Year's Day but will reopen Saturday morning at 8 a.m.  Mobile blood drives are also scheduled throughout this week in communities in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.  For a complete list of locations and hours, please visit.  Donors are also encouraged to call 1-800-798-4208 for more information.

To be eligible to donate, donors must be 16 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds, be in generally good health and not have donated whole blood in the past 56 days.  A photo ID is needed at registration.

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