Bob didn’t know cats could be supernatural

Recently I read a book about a cat that was so smart it could tell if a postage stamp or a painting was counterfeit just by sniffing it.  He could tell if a five pound note was real.  He had supernatural powers. 

Besides that, it could do lots of other things which a cat was not supposed to do.  The book was written by an Englishman so there were lots of words that were not American.  The story was not lost in the telling except for a few expressions which I did not learn at Sacred Heart School. 

The cat was named James which was a funny name for a cat, but it sort of fitted him.

He liked to eat anchovies, crab salad and drink good whiskey which he lapped up from a bowl.

Every chapter I decided would be my last … but I couldn't quit until I found out how much mischief the dumb cat got into.  For awhile he was an Egyptian prince who raised lots of money for a crook named  Mr. Poachway.  Poachway falsified answers to his congregation to make it sound like he was getting the answers from James. 

I asked our cat Bailey why she didn't raise a solitary nickel for us.

James looked as if to say what are you doing asking a cat something like that!  I just let that go figuring I had hit a sore spot in our relationship. 

James slept a lot dreaming up some dastardly deeds to play on us poor humans. He wasn't content being just a cat.

You should read this English book yourself so you wouldn't be mixed up with the ending which wasn't like you expected it to be.

James, who started out being a docile feline, ended up being a hero.

© 2010 Robert F. Karolevitz

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