Jolley Elementary students raise over $1,400 for Haiti

A simple idea on the part of three students from Jolley Elementary School turned into a humanitarian effort that surpassed their expectations.

After seeing television coverage of the suffering and destruction following the recent earthquake in Haiti, fifth-graders Baillee Mann, Taylor Ferguson and Kyleigh Chandler decided they had to do something to help.

After getting permission from Principal Mark Upward, the girls got to work. They made posters, donation containers, and presented a short speech to students in each classroom telling them about the earthquake. They also sent notes to students' parents to let them know that Friday, Jan. 22, was "Help Haiti Day."

On Friday, the girls collected the donations, and the money was brought to a local bank for counting. There were checks, bills and little plastic bags of change from the students and their parents.

The girls were pleasantly surprised to find their work resulted in a donation of $1,434.03 for the Red Cross.  Mrs. Schwartz, the school guidance counselor said, "We are proud that our students are taking our character counts lessons to heart, and reaching out to others," said Barb Schwartz, school guidance counselor.

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