Lego contest to be held at the Vermillion Public Library

Gather up your Legos and join us at the Vermillion Public Library on Thursday, Jan. 21.  There will be a Lego building contest for upper elementary students.  The rules are as follows:

• Everyone must bring his/her own Legos in a closed container.
• All pieces must be separated.
• No one may use more than 500 pieces.
• Teams of up to three people may be formed with no more than 1500 Legos used.
• The finished masterpiece should be no larger than 18 x 48 inches.
• There will be a one-hour time limit for all competitors.

The contest starts promptly at 3:45 p.m. and ends at 4:45 p.m.  Snacks will be available to competitors while the Lego creations are being judged.  Prizes will be awarded to the top two builders and the program will conclude by 5 p.m.  If you have questions regarding this program, please call Joyce, the children's librarian, at 677-7060.

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