Reynolds is Sanford December PRIDE Employee

Arlys Reynolds, receptionist, Sanford Clinic Vermillion, was selected as the December 2009 PRIDE Employee of the Month. Arlys has been employed at Sanford Vermillion since February 2007.

"Hopefully you've had a chance to walk through the clinic during most of the holidays. Any decorations that are there are because of Arlys. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and especially Christmas. She brings her own things to make the clinic atmosphere very festive. I know our patients enjoy them and as a fellow worker, I appreciate her extra efforts."

"Over the years, Arlys has developed a great relationship with our patients. She usually has a treat for our younger ones."

These comments were shared in nominations for Reynolds.

"I am very happy that Arlys has received this award. She is a very dedicated and hardworking employee; very deserving of the Employee of the Month award," said Theresa Bendert, clinic office manager, Sanford Clinic Vermillion.

Aryls is married to Marlin Reynolds and they reside in Wakonda. Arlys and Marlin have six children residing in Omaha, NE and Kansas City, MO.

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