Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

An honest to goodness wedding, with County Judge Raymond L. Collar tieing the knot, was the big feature Friday night at the Southern Exposition Shows playing during the race meet at the fair.  The couple joined in the holy bonds of matrimony was Herman Daniels, who gave his address as Tampa, Florida, and Jessie McMurtry, St. Paul, Minnesota and were members of the Harlem Steppers, one of the shows belonging to the company.  The license was purchased that afternoon from Clerk of Courts Julia Danielson.  The ceremony was performed with bridesmaids, groomsmen and flower girls, with jazz music and tap dancing as an accompaniment.  After the ceremony the groom gave Judge Collar permission to salute the bride, but the judge did not avail himself of the privilege.  The carnival consisted of about 25 different shows, employing over 100 people and travelling in a fleet of trucks.  Besides the various shows and vaudeville attractions there were a Ferris wheel, merry mix-up, merry-go-round and several other mechanical attractions, a corn game, peep show and several games of chance.  The motorcycle show gave spectators a thrill for their money as the riders tore around at a mile a minute.  The mouse show, which featured trained mice, was one of the most educational and pleasing performances.  Other popular attractions included the Night Club, which featured singing, dancing and stories far from the well known parlor variety, Paris After Dark, patterned after the famous streets of Paris at the Chicago fair, and two hula dancers, whose regular show was followed by one "for men only", where the audience was not nearly as shocked as they expected to be.  The shows were above the average and they showed to large crowds the last two evenings.

The new hospital for Vermillion is now certain.  The necessary funds have been raised and construction is expected to start in October.  Officials in charge of PWA construction will take care of letting the contracts.  Soliciting of pledges began in 1930.  Owing to crop failures in 1931 the project lay dormant for a time but was revived by the donation of $30,000 from the heirs of the M. D. Thompson estate.

The contract for the new grandstand will be let today.  It will seat 750 people.  The pari-mutual booths will be under the central section. It will cost approximately $2500.00 and will be completed in about two weeks.  Andrew Meleen is the successful bidder for the job he and his crew worked in two shifts the last two days on the new grandstand.  All is done except finishing touches and that will be done after the fair.

All but one store building in Vermillion is now being used.  The depression is still quite in evidence in the city but the local people are proud that the downtown district is occupied.

2,000 people attended the Wakonda/Vermillion get-together last week.  To accommodate the crowd, which was made up of mostly out of town people, the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce served over 200 gallons of lemonade.  One thousand lemons and 150 pounds of sugar went into the making of 200 gallons of lemonade that was served on Sunday.  W. E. Jurgensen and B. J. Skordahl, who were entrusted with the job of making and serving the lemonade borrowed a 200 gallon galvanized stock watering tank from the Thompson Lumber company to use as a container and served the drink from the Self Serve delivery truck.  It went over big.  Everyone including grown folks and kids had all they wanted and at the close of the party there was perhaps a gallon of lemonade left.

Jay Swisher, received a badly fractured left arm when he rode under a tree and threw his arms up to keep the branches from hitting him and he fell off his horse. He will have to stay in bed for a couple of weeks to give the bones every chance to knit properly.

Fire Chief Louis Pierce has reported that the insurance companies were threatening to re-rate the town and raise insurance rates unless additional fire protection is provided.  The fire committee of the city council and the fire chief were instructed to look into the matter of purchasing a new fire truck.

The Holtz Construction Company of Sioux City was awarded the general contract for the erection of the new hospital building in Vermillion.  The total general contract including such alternates as were included amounted to $58,452.00.

When a South Dakota auto with two women and two children plunged off a ferry on the Missouri River, Harry Luchey, 20 of Wayne, Nebraska, CCC youth working on the new state park near here, proved himself a hero by saving two of them from drowning.  From the shore Luchey watched C. E. Lofgren and B. A. Dutcher try to free the trapped starter on the Dutcher auto.  Suddenly the engine started, sending the auto backwards through the rail into the river, with Mrs. Lofgren and Mrs. Dutcher and two small children as passengers.  Dutcher managed to open one of the car doors and pull two of the passengers to safety before it submerged, but it remained for Luchey to plunge in and rescue the other two.  CCC workers pulled the car from the river.

Beef Roasts @ 12 and 15 cents per pound
Pork Chops @ 19 cents per pound
Peaberry Coffee @ 19 cents per pound
Blue Barrel Soap  5 giant bars 19 cents
Tomatoes  2 regular # 2 cans 17 cents
Eatwell Fresh Mackerel  8 cents for a pound can
Keifer Pears @ $1.69 per bushel
Bananas 25 cents for 4 pounds.

The old fashioned woman who used to require her husband to support the family now has a daughter who expects the government to do it.

Many people congregated at the municipal building to view a demonstrator fire truck being shown by the Laverne Truck Company.

The Clay Creek church on the Bluff Road was struck by lightning for a second time in ten years. The building was empty and it burned to the ground.  It has not been in use for a number of years so the only loss to the Bluff community is the wood in the framework.

The heating plant at the court house has not been working the past week.  The officers were getting a bit cold during their working hours and forced the workers to don warm wraps while at their jobs.

The city council authorized the city auditor to advertise for bids for a new 600 gallon pumper capacity fire truck.  The bids will be opened October 8th.

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