Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

A gang of boys returned this week from the Boy Scout camp in Minneapolis and they all report a grand time.  Bob Davis, Charles Hunter, the Abrahamson brothers, and Donny Crawford all said it was a "big week".

Prosperity Is Here:  The list of marriage licenses granted in Clay County the first six months show a gain of three over the same time last year.  The list includes a marriage in connection with the carnival which was at the fairgrounds last week.

ut at Westreville for the ice cream social Thursday evening but to the disappointment of those in charge, the ice cream did not arrive so lunch and coffee was served.

A fellow, who didn't start saving his money until the stock market crash took it all away from him, is a great deal like the fellow who doesn't repent from his sins until he is past seventy years of age.

If you want the best food—eat at—The Waldorf Cafeteria or Golz Café.

Vermillion people spent a quiet day on July 4th in their homes and local parks.  Sioux City was a particularly dangerous place as the popular pastime seemed to be to light a giant firecracker and throw at the street cars and passing automobiles, with apparently no interference on the part of the police.

A new grandstand must be installed at the fairgrounds before the Racing Commission will grant a license for further race meets.  Modern sanitary conveniences must also be provided.

A novelty summer party in the form of a "basement pickup luncheon" was given last Thursday by Mrs. Carl B. Hoy in honor of her house guest, Mrs. Elwood H. Smith of Chicago.  The luncheon was served in the basement of the Hoy home, which was profusely decorated with garden flowers for the occasion. Seven tables of bridge followed the luncheon.

Jay Swisher and his tan and white pony "Jack" is a familiar site around town.  Jay has taught his pet a lot of tricks and Jack can jump about three feet now.  Jay says the fellows want to ride Jack but he says he always tells "em", "nothing doin, cold turkey".

The two Standard Oil stations were given a new coat of paint last week.  A spray paint machine was in town from Sioux City dressing up the stations in cream color.  This is a nationwide project.

Money is coming in rapidly for the new hospital.  One thing or another has necessitated postponement of the building plans but it now appears assured that actual construction work will start this fall.  The final amount of money which made the renewal of the plans possible was the PWA grant of $25,000.  To this may be added the $30,000 gift from the heirs of the M. D. Thompson estate. There is a further sum of $15,000 from the city of Vermillion.  The hospital committee has several thousand on hand, and in addition has pledges to the amount of $22,000 for hospital purposes.  The site at the east end of Main Street, across south of Prentis Park is bought and paid for.  $1,500 has been paid to the architects.  The proposed building will be a 40 bed hospital complete operating rooms and other rooms needed in a modern, up to date hospital.  It is hoped to have the building enclosed before cold weather.

The County Dads have added $12,000 for poor relief in Clay County for the remainder of the year.  A $10,000 appropriation was made January 1, 1934 but has run short.  The $12,000 will be voted on in July and adopted in August.

A grandstand at the fairgrounds is now assured and bonds will be on sale next week.  Thus, Vermillion is granted a pari-mutual license.

The Torstensen building, in which the Golz Café is housed, has been painted this week.  The colors used are green and cream.

The Associated Market says our prices are never high.  Libby's red sockeye salmon, 1 lb tin for 20 cents.  Tobacco, Velvet or Prince Albert, 2 tins for 21 cents.  Canning peaches, California Elbertas for 95 cents per crate.  Onions, 4 lbs for 15 cents.  Ivory soap, 2 bars for 17 cents.

Gus Dahl and Leon Farrell have leased the old post office building and are arranging to open a new drug store.  The building was more recently occupied by the Home Bakery.  Mr. Dahl has been in the employ of Davis Pharmacy and Mr. Farrell had a similar position with the Neumayer Pharmacy.  They plan to open their store the middle of August.

Dr. Thomas Cruickshank has completed 35 years as a Vermillion Physician.  His first patient in 1899, was Richard Atwood, a Civil War Veteran and a pioneer resident of Vermillion.

Wakonda and Vermillion are planning a "Get Together" at Prentis Park on August 19.  The Vermillion Chamber of Commerce will furnish the beverage but those attending are urged to bring their own lunch.  All kinds of sports events are planned and later a band concert will be held.  The event was started last year and met with a huge success.

Swanson's Dalesburg store was burglarized by prowlers who entered through the back door. They took about $30.00 worth of articles including canned goods, shoes, tobacco and candy.  No trace of the robber has been found, but several men in the community are under suspicion.

The Citizens Bank has a service for travelers.  Cash is always a temptation to thieves and a cause of uneasiness.  A part of the banking service is to safeguard your travel funds through the issuance of American Express Travelers Cheques.  The charge is 75 cents for each $100.00 purchased.

This time of year housewives are kept on the jump in an effort to exterminate ants.  One man who was eating a hearty breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup noticed some peculiar looking specks in the syrup only to find the syrup had brought the greedy little ants to an untimely death.  Boiling water poured on their nests will take care of them if one can find their nests.  Then there is a kind of paper to be laid down where they congregate that is guaranteed to drive them out of the house—it says so right on the paper.  But one housewife tried it and discovered that her ants could not read and kept right on with their work.

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