Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

L. Rosen, of Milwaukee, was one of a trio picked up at a cagin east of the city when 74 gallon tins of alcohol and a five gallon jug of "moon" were found the their possession. They were fined $100.00 by Judge Collar on a bootlegging charge.  Rosen paid the fine plus $10.00 in cash.  The camp management noticed "suspicious characters" were stopping there, and the Sheriff and his Deputy were called to investigate.

A large neon sign was erected over the Seeley store entrance this week by a Minneapolis concern. The sign will do much toward "citifying" the business district.

For dressed chickens phone 31F4.

Two divorce decrees were granted this month.  In one case the plaintiff was granted custody of the 2 children and $10.00 per month child support.

The Vermillion Fire Truck will get 4 new wheels and five pneumatic tires to replace the old, worn, hard rubber tires.  The new tires will aid in speed and safety and will soften bumps which are apt to damage the equipment.  The new wheels are required because of the change in type of tire. 

An old time dance will be held at the Fair Grounds Pavilion.  Music by Dorothy Storm Walker's orchestra.  Alfred Anderson will do the calling.

A drive to bring Vermillion's fire department up to date has been started under the leadership of Chief Pierce.  They are in need of another truck costing around $3,000.00, a foam generator costing about $175.00 and six salvage covers costing about $15.00 a piece.

Associated Market will open a store here this month.  They will locate in the building vacated by The Red Owl Store just west of the Coyote Barber Shop.

The Civic Council realized $80.00 from its white elephant sale Saturday.

The angle on the super-elevated curve five miles north of the University has been cut down to nearer a normal curve angle.,  In the winter time when the road was icy it caused cars to slide to the inside of the curve.

The WNAX gas station on West Main has been sold to Tom Langdon of Yankton.  Swede Holmquist has not announced his future plans.

A program of songs, declamations, readings and dialogues will be given at Elmwood School Dist. 21.  Refreshments of pie ala mode and coffee will be served for a small charge.  A goose will be given away.

End 1933

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