Sesquicentennial Highlights


Did you ever speculate on what Vermilion's growth will be in the next quarter century?  Living so much in the present, as most of us do, little thought is given to such problems as the appearance of this locality in another decade or two.  A more or less bird's eye view of the city, taken the other day by a transient camera snapper, set us to thinking of the really remarkable change for the better this city has gone through in the past 25 years.  In that time the place has been transformed from a dumpy little village to a modern, beautiful little city.  In another 25 years, what?  We'll bet our bottom dollar that Vermillion always will go forward.

Jetley Park, which is a half mile south and a half mile west of Meckling will be the scene of the 4th of July celebration of the Farmer's Union outing.  It is open to the public and there will be a ball game between the Meckling team and the "Old Timers" along with a speaker in the afternoon.  A bowery dance will be held in the evening.  Bring your own food and there will be a concession stand handling ice cream, drinks, etc.

The Henderson corset factory in Illinois states that orders for the biggest corsets they make come from Meisenholder's store here in Vermillion.  The biggest they make is a 48; they once turned down an order for a 54.  They are wondering just how big the women get out in this neck of the woods.

Hundreds flocked to Jetley Park on the 4th to attend the Farmer's Union outing.

Russ Moser is the owner of the new Gamble Store that will open in the Strawn building.  Stop in for the opening on Saturday, July 8th.

The City Council has allowed $20.00 expense money for Chief of Police Fowler who plans to attend the S. D. Peace Officer's convention in Deadwood August 1 & 2.

Penney's Record Breaking Clearance Sale:

Big bath towels for 13 cents each.

Men's fancy socks, 5 pair for 49 cents.

Ruffled curtains, 31 cents.

Boys whoopee pants, 33 cents each.

Sheer wash frocks for 83 cents.

The population has increased by 85 for a few days while the railroad gang is laying new ties on the railroad bed.  The project extends from Sioux City to Gayville.

At the City Council meeting, the city accepted E. E. Collin's deed to the 2 1/2 acre addition to the city dump or "annex" as some call it.

More than 5,000 people have gone through the museum at the university during the past year, according to Warren Bennett, who has charge of the museum this summer while W. H. Over, curator is on vacation.  The visitors came from 25 states and 4 foreign countries.

Marvin Warner is the new owner of the Tavern Sandwich Shop.  He took over from Wrights Sandwich Tavern Shop at Main and Elm Streets.  He will also be operating his candy and popcorn shop from this location.

The Himowitz family will be closing the doors on the Mercantile Co. in two weeks.  This comes as a complete surprise to the residents of Vermillion.  The family will continue to live in Vermillion and the family plans to spend their time managing their farms near Sioux City and Vermillion.

Attendance at the fair yesterday was around 6,000.  All kids were admitted free.  Local business houses will close Friday afternoon in order to give merchants and clerks a chance to take in the fair.

The city's 1934 budget will be a far cry from the $40,000 budgets in by-gone-years.  The 1934 budget is $25,000.  That is $3,000.00 less than 1933.

Opening a skylight window and sliding down elevator ropes, a thief entered the Council Oak store and escaped with around $700.00 in cash and checks and some merchandise.

A brand new portable Remington typewriter may be purchased at the Vermillion Plain Talk for $14.95.  It regularly sells for $20.00.  Act quickly there is only a limited number being offered.

Frank Michels will soon take over the Varsity, the downtown soft drink parlor which has been run the last five years by Fred Sims.  Mr. Michels' father, William Michels Sr., built and operated what is known now as the Varsity a number of years ago.  The Varsity will be redecorated.

Max Harlow of Sioux City is the new proprietor of the Vermillion Mercantile Co.  Mr. Harlow will retain the same staff.

Milk prices are going up.  A quart of milk will be 10 cents instead of 09 cents.  A gallon will be 35 cents instead of 30 cents.  Coffee cream will remain the same at 10 cents.

If you have live poultry to sell, call Silverberg's.  We have made arrangements with WNAX, Yankton, to broadcast our poultry prices every day except Sunday at 12:13 PM.

Twenty five years ago the state law says that anyone maintaining a watering trough beside the highway accessible for horses, should be allowed five dollars per year out of his highway tax.

Tony Strain, the thug who took part in the local bank job was given a sentence of "not over 80 years".  His wife, Mildred, also was convicted of participation in the Minnesota robbery and was sentenced to "not over 40 years".  Strain will serve his time in the state prison and his wife in the women's reformatory.

The first U S home owner's loan has been made in Clay County.  The borrower has been given the privilege of starting payments of just interest until 1936 or of paying interest and part of the principal each payment date.

Within a few weeks war department engineers expect to make known their recommendation as to the feasibility of extending navigability on the Missouri River to Yankton, by means of a dam and mammoth reservoir at Fort Peck, Montana.

Our Home Bakery, a new local business will open for business on Saturday.  Owners of the business are William Corder, George Russell and Herbert Jolley.  Mrs. Jolley will clerk at the bakery.  The business is located in the newly remodeled Ketchum building just east of the Iverson store.  The name of the bakery's bread will be "Golden Krust".  There will be a delivery service.

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